Scoring – Points & Penalties


Valar Morghulis
Major (+5) and Minor (+3) characters are defined in the Draft Pool
+2 Order Death points received upon death not when order is given
+1 Kill in Battle points are awarded per battle or fight not per anonymous character killed

Storm of Swords
+3 Victory – Win battle or fight.
+2 Call the Banners – Declare or march to war.
+1 Survival – Escape or survive battle or fight without taking active part
+1 Capture / Exile – Banish or imprison another character
+1 Wound
– Severely injure, scar, or torture another character. Torture points will be awarded per episode, not injury.

Players & Pawns
+5 The Iron Throne – Claim the Iron Throne.
+3 Crowned – Be declared King or Queen
+3 Honors – Gain Lands, Titles, Position, Sword
+3 Alliance – Formal, personal, and secret collaboration between characters
+3 Revenge – Character must have been personally wronged or sworn vengeance against the target.
+1 Magic – Visions, warging, dragon riding, and spells
+1 Reunion – Characters must have been separated 1+ seasons and had a significant relationship.

Feast for Crows
-5 Die
-3 Fall from Power – Lose Lands, Titles, Position, Sword
-3 Defeat – Lose battle or fight
-3 Betrayed – Character loses points when the betrayal is revealed to the audience, even if the character is not yet aware
-1 Captured/Exiled – Character is imprisoned or banished
-1 Wounded – Injury must be severe