Episode 64: The Spoils Of War

Daenerys Targaryen

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Bran is approached by Littlefinger who gives him the dagger meant to kill him as he lay in his coma after the fall. Bran seems to be onto Littlefinger’s manipulations quoting from his famous “Chaos is a ladder” speech. They are interrupted by Meera who is leaving to help her family prepare for the White Walkers. She is distressed that Bran shows no emotion and proclaims that he died in that cave.

After 7 long seasons the remaining children of Ned & Cat are finally reunited with Arya’s return. She and Sansa share a touching moment in the Stark Crypts, however the conversation soon turns to Joffrey. Arya notes that he had been on her list and regrets not killing him, but quickly laughs it off to her sister. Then she meets a much changed Bran who reveals his visions and that he saw her at the crossroads. He’s surprised she came home as he thought she would go to King’s Landing. When Sansa asks why she would go there he replies that Cersei’s on Arya’s list. Sansa realizes Arya was not joking and when she inquires how many names are on that list. Arya tells her most are dead. Sansa seems amused, but that changes later when she sees what Arya is capable of. Bran produces the dagger and tells his sisters that someone very wealthy wanted him dead. When he says it was given to him by Littlefinger, Sansa is instantly suspicious noting Littlefinger always expects something in return. He says it doesn’t matter giving it to Arya observing she will make better use of it than him.

Brienne is training Podrick when Arya appears requesting training recalling Brienne’s oath to Cat that she would serve both Stark girls. Arya makes it clear that she is no novice and the two begin to fight in earnest. Sansa and Littlefinger stop to watch, but while Littlefinger looks impressed Sansa seems disturbed by the extent of her little sister’s skill. Arya manages to best Brienne who smiles and asks who taught her to do that, Arya replies “No one.”
Meera Reed earns 1 Survival point for surviving her quest to take Bran Beyond the Wall and back to Winterfell.
Bran Stark earns 3 Honors points for receiving the Valyrian Steel dagger from Littlefinger and 1 Reunion point for meeting with Arya for the first time since his fall in the pilot.
Arya Stark earns 1 Reunion point for meeting with her siblings for the first time since season 1, 3 Honor points for Bran gifting her the Valyrian Steel dagger once used to try to murder him, and 3 Alliance points for requesting Brienne’s service.
Sansa Stark earns 1 Reunion point for meeting with Arya since the two were separated in King’s Landing during the end of season 1.
Brienne earns 3 Alliance points for her promise to serve Arya as well as Sansa.

Jon brings Daenerys through the immense dragonglass cavern filled ruins from the Children of the Forest and sexual tension. First we see only symbols, similar to patterns made by the White Walkers after their slaughters, further in the cave are representations of Men and the Children of the Forest uniting to fight a common enemy, the White Walkers. Daenerys vows to protect the North, provided he bend the knee. He argues the North will never accept a Southern ruler after all that has happened, but she counters that they will follow him and his example.

The two exit the cave their stalemate unchanged. Waiting for her are Tyrion and Varys with news of Casterly Rock and the fall of Highgarden. Daenerys rages at Tyrion’s miscalculated plans and offers that she should fly Drogon to the Red Keep herself. She asks Jon for his advice and he tells her that she did the impossible bringing 3 dragons into the world and her people believe her capable of the impossible, but if she uses that power to burn castles and cities she is “just more of the same.”

Later Jon and Davos speak to Missandei who is confused by the custom of bastard surnames and bastards all together as there are no marriage traditions in Nath. Davos asks how she came into Daenerys’ service. She tells them Daenerys freed her and balks at the suggestion that she is not free now. She explains that she and the others from Essos do not follow her for her great name of dead father, but because she is the the ruler they chose.

Theon’s ship returns and he shares an awkward reunion with Jon who declares that the only reason he is not killing him is because of what he did for Sansa. Davos says they thought he was dead and Theon says that he should be. He has returned to ask for Daenerys’ help rescuing his sister from Euron, but Jon tells him that she is no longer on Dragonstone.
Jon Snow earns 1 Reunion point for meeting Theon again for the first time since season 1.
Theon Greyjoy earns 1 Reunion point for meeting Theon again for the first time since season 1.

The Roseroad
Jaime sends the Tyrell’s gold onto King’s Landing and gives Bronn a sack as reward for his service. Bronn points out that he had been promised a Castle. Jaime counters that the war isn’t over yet so Bronn should be satisfied with a portable sack of gold rather than a castle he’ll have trouble defending. Bronn does not seem to agree.

With the gold safely in King’s Landing Randyll suggests that they hurry the remaining wagons over the Blackwater as they are vulnerable on both sides. Jaime agrees but declines Randyll’s suggestion of flogging the stragglers. Jaime takes a moment with Dickon who after some prodding from Bronn admits that the fight at Highgarden was tough for him having known many of the men they fought against. Bronn chides the boy, but is interrupted when he notices the sound of horses. They command the men to form up and are shocked to see a vast Dothraki horde charging towards them

Bronn urges Jaime to go ahead to King’s Landing sure the Dothraki will defeat their forces, but Jaime refuses. In that moment Daenerys appears flying on Drogon’s back soaring ahead of the Dothraki riders. With her command Drogon let’s out a stream of fire through the Lannister lines allowing the Dothraki to sweep in. They take heavy casualties smashing against Lannister spears and shields, but Daenerys returns unleashing Drogon’s fire on the grain carts. Jaime sends Bronn to man the Scorpion created by Qyburn to kill a dragon.

Tyrion and Qhono climb up the hill to observe the battle. Tyrion looks conflicted seeing so many of his countrymen dead and burning. Qhono’s remark that his men can’t fight does not seem to help matters.

Jaime and Bronn find themselves in the press of battle both killing as they go. Jaime is saved by Dickon who appears killing a Dothraki that had cornered him. Bronn is surrounded by chaos and flames as he makes his way to the Scorpion. Though losing his gold in the process, he is successful. He lets off 3 shots; one to defend himself, one which misses, and one piercing beneath Drogon’s Wing.

Drogon falls into a tailspin but Daenerys is able to rear him up. Bronn jumps free before the dragon bathes the weapon in flame, lands, and smashes in smoldering remains with his tail. Dany climbs down and works to remove the bolt which struck him. Jaime meanwhile surveys the battle with the Mad King’s last words echoing in his ear. He sees Daenerys and grabs a nearby spear charging towards her, much to Tyrion’s dismay. Drogon senses the threat and turns letting loose a blast of flames. At the last second Jaime is knocked aside by Bronn, sending both into the water and Jaime sinking under the weight of his armor.

While it seems clear that Daenerys achieved a solid victory even with Drogon’s wound, with the fate of her opponents unclear it was decided to wait until next week to distribute Defeat, Death, & Survival points.
Jaime Lannister earns 2 Call the Banners points for refusing to abandon his forces and commanding the Lannister and Tarly men in battle and 1 Morghulis point for killing nameless Dothraki.
Bronn earns 3 Honors point for his reward from Jaime even if it was less than discussed and ultimately lost in the course of battle, 1 Morghulis point for killing in battle, and 1 Wound point for managing to injure Drogon with the Scorpion.
Dickon Tarly earns 1 Morghulis point for killing in battle saving Jaime’s life.
Daenerys Targaryen earns 1 Magic point for riding a dragon, 1 Morghulis point for killing in battle, and 3 Victory points for defeating the Lannister/Tarly forces and destroying the grain wagons.
Tyrion Lannister earns 3 Victory points for helping command Daenerys’ armies.
Qhono earns 3 Victory points for helping command the Dothraki.

Characters to Watch

Cersei Lannister, Qyburn, & Tycho Nestoris
Cersei meets with Tycho Nestoris and assures him the throne’s debt to the Iron Bank is en route. Tycho remarks that such a large debt has never been repaid in one installment and seems eager to embark on a new investment with Cersei, as soon as he has the gold of course. Cersei mentions that Qyburn is in talks with the Golden Company, sellswords from across the narrow sea that may be familiar to book readers.

House Teams

Teams - 7.4

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