Episode 63: The Queen’s Justice

“Lannisters always pay their debts.”
–   Cersei Lannister

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Jon and Tyrion are reunited on Dragonstone. While their exchange is warm, Jon & Davos are uneasy by their boat being confiscated, the amount of Dothraki, the three full grown dragons flying around the castle, and the string of title Missandei announces with her Queen’s name. Daenerys does not help matters by making it clear she intends to rule all seven kingdoms of Westeros, including the North. Though she surprises Jon by apologizing for her father’s actions against House Stark and asking not to be punished for her father’s crimes, but Hon counters that he should not be help to his ancestor’s oaths. Jon tries to explain that if she does not come North she will rule over a kingdom of corpses, but she is skeptical of his claims regarding the White Walkers and the Night King. The exchange becomes heated and Davos goes perhaps too far, alluding to Jon’s murder and resurrection, but they are interrupted by Varys bearing news of the attack on the Greyjoy fleet.

Later Tyrion approaches Jon and reveals he believes Jon is telling the truth about the White Walkers, but tells him that expecting Daenerys to abandon her quest for Westeros is unreasonable. He counsels Jon to give him a reasonable request to bring to her. She is confused when Tyrion explains he wants to mine Dragonglass. He advises her to take Jon’s claims seriously and allow him this small request to make roads towards a deeper alliance. Daenerys and Jon speak and while she appears impressed with him, the two find themselves at a stalemate regarding the North’s allegiance to the Iron Throne. She breaks the silence allowing him access and men to help mine the dragonglass. She will not go so far as to say she believes in the Night King, but clearly is open to the possibility.

Alone with Varys, Melisandre, and Tyrion, Daenerys asks what the unsullied will face at Casterly Rock. Tyrion lays out his strategy which ultimately results in victory, though not perhaps as he intended

Jon Snow earns 1 Reunion point for meeting with Tyrion again for the first time since season 1 and 3 Alliance points for Daenerys agreeing to help him mine the dragonglass on Dragonstone.
Daenerys Targaryen earns 3 Alliance points for agreeing to Jon Snow’s request and 3 Victory points for her army taking Casterly Rock at her command.
Tyrion Lannister earns 1 Reunion point for meeting with Jon Snow again, 3 Alliance points for persuading both Jon and Dany to find common ground, and 3 Victory points for planning the siege of Casterly Rock.

King’s Landing
Euron returns triumphant from his conquest to the love of the common people as he parades Yara, Ellaria, and Tyene through the streets in their own walk of shame. He presents Ellaria and Tyene to Cersei and takes a great pains to show up Jaime. Cersei rewards him by making him commander of her Navy. She informs him she will accept his proposal only after the war is won.

Cersei takes great pleasure in taunting her new prisoners. She concocts the perfect revenge, with the help of Qyburn she poisons Ellaria’s daughter Tyene in the same way her daughter, Myrcella was. She leaves Ellaria chained and helpless and declares she will be forced to live to watch her daughter die and rot.

Empowered by her triumph she spends the night with Jaime taking no pains to hide it come morning, effectively winning back his trust in her after his unease in the wake of Tommen’s death and the destruction of the Sept. She meets with a representative from the Iron Bank of Braavos, Tycho Nestoris. Cersei impresses him as her father’s daughter and agrees to give her time to repay the Iron Throne’s considerable debt.

Euron Greyjoy earns 3 Honors points for being made commander of the Royal Navy.
Yara Greyjoy receives -3 Fall from Power points for her walk of shame and losing control of the Iron Islands
Ellaria Sand receives -3 Fall from Power points for her walk of shame and losing control of Dorne and -1 Capture point for her imprisonment by Cersei.
Tyene Sand receives -5 Death points for being murdered by Cersei.
Qyburn earns 1 Magic point for producing the poison Ellaria used to murder Myrcella.
Cersei Lannister earns 3 Morghulis points for poisoning Tyene, 1 Capture point for imprisoning and forcing Ellaria to watch her daughter die, and 3 Revenge points for avenging her daughter’s death. She earns 6 Alliance points for gaining the trust of both Jaime & Tycho.
Jaime Lannister earns 3 Alliance points for renewing his commitment to Cersei
Tycho Nestoris earns 3 Alliance points for Cersei agreeing to pay off the Crown’s debt.

The North
Sansa finds herself well suited for command as she oversees Winterfell’s preparation for winter. Littlefinger remarks on how well she has adapted, but warns her not to overlook the threat of Cersei. He advises her to constantly consider all the possibilities so as never to be surprised by her enemies. They are interrupted by Bran returning home for the first time since season 2 and reuniting with his sister for the first time since before his fall in season 1. She finds her brother much changed since becoming the Three Eyed Raven and is unsettled when he speaks with knowledge about her wedding night with Ramsay.
Sansa Stark earns 3 Alliance points for letting Littlefinger back into her counsel and 1 Reunion point for being reunited with her brother for the first time since season 1.
Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish earns 3 Alliance points for winning back some of Sansa’s trust.
Bran Stark earns 1 Reunion point for reuniting with his sister for the first time since season 1.

The Citadel
Sam’s procedure was a success, but Archmaester Ebrose looks over Jorah and is not fooled by his attempts to claim rest and climate are responsible for his miraculous recovery. He asks Sam to join him later. Jorah and Sam part on good terms with Jorah finally able to shake his hand. He tells Sam his intentions to seek out Daenerys and hopes they will meet again to which Sam agrees. Later Ebrose speaks to Sam and reveals he is impressed with an acolytes ability to perform the procedure and asks that he begin working as a scribe copying degrading books.
Jorah Mormont earns 1 Magic point for the success of Sam’s procedure and 1 Survival point for being cured of grayscale.
Samwell Tarly earns 1 Magic point for successfully curing Jorah of grayscale.

Casterly Rock
The Unsullied meet with predictable resistance trying to breach the walls of the Lannister home. However, Tyrion’s plans of using the sewer system prove successful. Grey Worm is able to cut his way through the Lannister forces and open the gates for his army. However he finds the castle lightly held despite Tyrion’s belief that he would face the bulk of the Lannister force. Grey Worm looks across the walls to see Euron attacking his fleet, effectively stranding the Unsullied in the Westerlands.
Grey Worm earns 3 Victory points for taking Casterly Rock and 1 Morghulis point for killing in battle.
Euron Greyjoy earns 3 Victory points for destroying Grey Worm’s fleet.

The Lannister forces have converged on Highgarden lead by Jaime, Bronn, and Randyll, who has taken Jaime up on his proposed alliance from last episode and betrayed Olenna Tyrell. Jaime strides through the castle triumphantly to find a calm Olenna resigned to her fate. Jaime reveals he talked Cersei out of her more gruesome execution plans and offers Olenna a painless death with poison. After she consumes it she uses her last words to confess to the murder of he and Cersei’s son, Joffrey.
Jaime Lannister earns 3 Alliance points for convincing Randyll Tarly to support House Lannister, 3 Victory points for defeating Highgarden, and 3 Morghulis points for poisoning Olenna.
Randyll Tarly earns 3 Alliance points for supporting House Lannister, 3 Honors points for being granted the position of General in the Lannister army, and 3 Victory points for defeating Highgarden.
Bronn earns 3 Victory points for defeating Highgarden.
Olenna Tyrell receives -3 Betrayal points for the defection of her bannerman Randyll Tarly, -5 Death points for being poisoned by Jaime, and 3 Revenge points for confessing to murdering Joffrey, an act which began the destruction of House Lannister as the family turned on itself resulting in Tyrion murdering Tywin.
Cersei Lannister earns 3 Alliance points for gaining the support of House Tarly and 2 Morghulis points for ordering the death of Olenna.

Characters to Watch

Melisandre & Varys
Melisandre makes herself scarce when Jon arrives at Dragonstone and Varys is quick to notice. She admits that she had not parted on good terms with him or Davos and believes her presence would only be a distraction. She announces she is leaving for Volantis and Varys counsels her not to return. Melisandre cryptically responds that she must return one final time as it is her fate to die in Westeros, a fate they share.

Theon Greyjoy
Theon is pulled from the water by his sister’s men. He tells them Yara is not dead but taken. They look at him scornfully noting that had he tried to save her he wouldn’t be here. Will Theon ever be able to redeem himself? Will Dany respond with compassion for his trauma or contempt for his cowardice? Till next week…

House Teams
House Teams - 7.3

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