Episode 39: The Watchers on the Wall

“Tonight we fight! And when the sun rises, I promise you, Castle Black will stand! The Night’s Watch will stand!”
– Alliser Thorne

Season 4 episode 9 The Watchers On The Wall focuses solely on Castle Black and the Night’s Watch attempts to defend the Wall against the wildlings. Jon’s valor shoots him up to 3rd place on the leaderboard. However the battle is not without it’s causalities on both sides.

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On the Wall Sam asks Jon about Ygritte and says he and Gilly were never intimate on their way to Castle Black.  Both note the looming threat of the wildings, but Sam says they’ve already done the worst they could to him, as he believes Gilly was killed in the raid on Mole’s Town.Jon offers to take the watch so Sam can sleep. Meanwhile Ygritte makes it clear to Styr and his men that Jon Snow is hers to kill. Gilly sees their camp, but moves away quickly to escape their notice.

Sam has not gone to his chambers, but to the library where he is found by Maester Aemon reading old accounts of the wildlings. The Maester chides him for abandoning his post to imagine to horrible things that could have happened to Gilly. As Sam leaves he hears Gilly at the gate begging Pyp to let her in. Pyp resists as he’s been ordered not to open the gate for anyone, but is finally convinced when Sam shouts “Open the fucking gate!” Startling Pyp who has never heard Sam curse before. Gilly and Sam are reunited and he promises never to leave her again.

Their happiness is interrupted by the blast of a horn, the attack is starting. On the Wall Alliser Thorne readies barrels of oil to set a flame and send down on the wildling invaders. Looking at the mass of Mance’s army Alliser admits to Jon that he was right they should have sealed the tunnel. He explains that leading means you’re second guessed by everyone, but you can never second guess yourself or it is the end for everyone. He declares this is not their end.

Sam locks Gilly in a supply room for safety. She asks him stay with her, but he tells her he can not. He can’t let his brothers die for him while he cowers below. He and Pyp find a perch to guard the southern side of the castle. Pyp is terrified, but Sam tries to assure him they are in the safest place they can be. Ygritte looks on from the distance and reports that only leftovers are guarding this side and will be easy to take. Their group sets out.

On the Wall a panicked Janos informs Alliser they are attacking the southern gates. Alliser decides to go below and gives Janos command of the wall. Janos soon proves himself woefully unsuited for the task. A quick thinking Grenn says Alliser needs him below leaving Jon to command. The Wildlings attack has breached the walls. Olly operates the lift up and is splashed with the blood of a man cut down by Styr. A terrified Janos finds himself cowering in the same supply room Gilly is hiding in. From their perch Pyp finally hits a man with his crossbow. His victory is short lived as he is struck down by Ygritte’s arrow.
Styr earns 1 Morghulis point for killing in battle.
Pypar earns 1 Morghulis point for killing in battle and -5 Death points for being killed by Ygritte.
Ygritte earns 1 Morghulis point for killing in battle and 3 Morghulis points for killing Pyp.
Tormund Giantsbane earns 1 Morghulis point for killing in battle.

On the northern side of the Wall Mance’s army begins attacking the tunnel gate. Jon tells Grenn the outer gate will not hold so he must take 5 men and hold the inner gate. “If they make it through…” Jon starts, but Grenn assures him they won’t. Below Alliser fights hard against the wildling and finds himself facing off with Tormund. Alliser is wounded and retreats.
Tormund Giantsbane earns 1 Wound point for incapacitating Alliser.
Alliser Thorne receives -1 Wound point for the injury he gets fighting Tormund and 1 Morghulis point for killing in battle.

Sam kills the Thenn warg making his way to the lift and finds Olly cowering in a corner. He reaches the boy and tells him to bring him up and wait for his signal to bring him back down. Olly snaps to attention and follows the command. Sam calls down to Olly to find a weapon and “fight them.” Sam runs to Jon to tell him the castle may fall. Jon gives command of the wall to Edd and grabs his sword.
Samwell Tarly earns 1 Morghulis point for killing in battle.

Grenn and his men arrive in the tunnel to see a giant lifting the outer gate. His men balk at the prospect of stopping him, but Grenn is able to rally them by reciting the words of the Night’s Watch vow. They stand their ground as the Giant rushes towards them. Sam and Jon reach the bottom of the lift. Jon sends him to fetch Ghost who had been locked away at Alliser’s command. Jon leaps into the fight dispatching two wildlings before gaining Styr’s attention. The two have a brutal confrontation before Jon is finally able to kill him.
Grenn earns 3 Call The Banners points for rallying the men in the tunnel.
Jon Snow earns 4 Morghulis points for killing in battle and killing Styr.
Styr receives -5 Death points for being killed by Jon.

Jon turns to see Ygritte pointing an arrow at him. However, rather than being frightened he finds himself smiling at the sight of his love. It is a short lived moment, as an arrow punches through Ygritte. Jon looks up to see the young Olly has avenged his father’s death at Ygritte’s hands and salutes Jon. He rushe to her before she falls, she tells him the should never have left the cave but he says they will return there together. She tells him one last time that he “knows nothing” before dying.
Ygritte receives -5 Death points for being killed by Olly
Olly earns 5 Morghulis points for killing Ygritte and 3 Revenge points for avenging the death of his father.

On the Wall Edd drops the scythe knocking off the last of the wildling climbers. Mance’s army retreats, but Edd warns the men not to celebrate too loudly as “They still outnumber us a thousand to one.” Below Tormund is still fighting even with 2 arrows in his back. He seems to want to die in battle, but Jon shoots his leg with a crossbow and kicks away his weapon preferring to capture him alive instead. With the danger passed Sam goes to tell Gilly and is surprised to find Janos Slynt hiding with her.
Tormund Giantsbane receives -3 Defeat points for failing to take Castle Black and -1 Capture points for being imprisoned by the Night’s Watch.
Jon Snow earns 3 Victory points for holding the Wall and defending Castle Black.
Samwell Tarly earns 3 Victory points for holding the Wall and defending Castle Black.
Eddison Tollett earns 3 Victory points for holding the Wall and defending Castle Black.
Gilly earns 1 Survival point for surviving the battle at Castle Black.
Janos Slynt earns 1 Survival point for surviving the battle at Castle Black.

Sam and Jon discuss their “great victory,” but Jon is not nearly as positive. Mance is not done, he still has thousands of men and more giants. Jon decides he must go treat with him. Sam tries to talk him out of it since he has not been commanded to do so, but Jon notes there’s no one to command. They come to the tunnel and find the remains of Grenn. Its revealed they were ultimately successful bringing down the giant at the cost of their own lives. Jon tells Sam to see that the bodies are burned and leaves him with his sword Longclaw. Sam is confused, Jon explains he promised Commander Mormont he would never lose it again so he is giving it to Sam in case he does not return.
Grenn earns 3 Victory points for holding the inner gate, 1 Morghulis point for killing the giant, and -5 Death points for being killed.

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