Episode 35: First of His Name

“What good is power if you cannot protect the ones you love?”
“We can avenge them.”
Cersei Lannister and Oberyn Martell

In season 4 episode 5, First Of His Name, we learn Littlefinger has been pulling the strings of King’s Landing’s intrigue long before betraying Ned Stark. Sansa finds herself in an uneasy alliance with her somewhat unstable Aunt Lysa. In the north Jon Snow leads the Night’s Watch to avenge the death of their Lord Commander while his brother Bran uses his power to escape capture and continue his search for the Three Eyed Raven.

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In King’s Landing Tommen’s coronation is held and he is crowned King of the Seven Kingdoms. Margaery’s charms have proved successful as Tommen makes eyes at her, not unnoticed by his mother. Cersei approaches Margaery and speaks bluntly about Joffrey’s “shocking” nature, she notes that Tommen is different a young King needs all the help. She asks the girl if she still wishes to be Queen. Margaery feigns disinterest, but Cersei seems unimpressed. She says she will speak to her father of the marriage and Cersei replies she will do the same.
Tommen Baratheon earns +3 Crown points and +5 Iron Throne points for becoming King of the Seven Kingdoms and sitting the Iron Throne.

To the east Daenerys considers her options in the Great Pyramid of Meereen. She has received word of Joffrey’s death and Daario has captured Meereen’s fleet providing her with an opportunity to march on Westeros. However she also receives word that Yunkai has now fallen back into the hands of the slave masters and the council she placed in control of Astapor has been overthrown with the city now ruled by “Cleon the Butcher.” She speaks with Ser Jorah and ultimately decides she must stay in Meereen to learn what it is to rule.
Daenerys Targaryen earns 3 Crowned points for becoming Queen of Meereen.

Back in Westeros Littlefinger and Sansa approach the Bloody Gate, the only way to reach the Eyrie. He instructs her to hide her hair, the auburn coloring a famous Tully trait, and introduces her as his niece to the guards. Her Aunt Lysa, however, is well informed of the rouse and gives her niece a far warmer welcome than Cat a few seasons earlier. Once alone with Petyr she demands they be married at once. He argues they should summon the Lords of the Vale as witnesses, but she resists. She points out all that she’s done for him, revealing that it was she who poisoned Jon Arryn and wrote to Cat blaming the Lannisters at his behest, thus setting into motion the events of the series. He relents and she immediately produces a septon to perform the ceremony.
Sansa Stark earns 3 Alliance points for Lysa agreeing to hide her from the Lannisters.
Lysa Arryn earns 3 Morghulis points for the poisoning her husband and 6 Alliance points for agreeing to hide Sansa and her marriage to Littlefinger.
Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish earns 2 Morghulis points for ordering the death of Jon Arryn and 3 Alliance points for his marriage to Lysa.

Cersei speaks with Tywin concerning the marriage arrangements. She agrees that Tommen and Margaery should be wed in a fortnight, with she and Loras following a fortnight later. Tywin is pleased that she has resigned herself to the arrangement knowing her feelings, but they need the Tyrells. He explains that the Lannister mines have run dry and are no longer producing gold and between Robert’s gluttony and Joffrey’s wars the Iron Throne is in significant debt, most disconcertingly to the Iron Bank of Braavos. Cersei opinions that perhaps there is someone they could come to an arrangement with, but Tywin only scoffs saying the Iron Bank is an institution not a person.

In the Riverlands Arya recites her list before going to sleep to Sandor’s annoyance. Though seems amused when she explains it is a list of people she means to kill, “Hate’s as good a thing as any to keep a person going.” He notes they have a name in common and offers that should they meet his brother perhaps they could both cross a name of their list. He tells her to hurry up and she concludes with “The Hound.”

Sansa dines with Lysa in her chambers. The conversation quickly becomes aggressive with Lysa speaking cruelly of Sansa’s dead mother and demanding an explanation for Littlefinger’s interest in her. A sobbing Sansa swears Littlefinger has never touched her and she is still a virgin. Mollified, Lysa’s mood shifts to comforting and declares that this is good news as she is now free to marry Lysa’s son, Robin.

Brienne and Podrick set out on their quest to find Sansa and Pod proves to be an inexperienced rider. Brienne attempts to dissuade him from continuing with her, but Pod is having none of it. Even when she releases him from his vow of service he again refuses. Elsewhere on the road Sandor mocks Arya sword practice, a braavosi style known as water dancing she learned from Syrio. She mentions he was killed by Meryn Trant and Sandor laughs harder at the idea of “the greatest swordsman who ever lived” being bested by Trant. He continues to goad her until she thrust Needle at his chest. Of course it is unable to cut through his armor and he knocks her to the ground making his point that it is size and strength that win fights.

In King’s Landing Cersei meets with Oberyn Martell, known to be one of the judges in Tyrion’s upcoming trial. They discuss his sister Elia and Cersei points out their similar circumstances. A renowned fighter and Prince of Dorne, but he was unable to save his beloved sister just as she, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms was unable to save her son. She tells him she firmly believes Tyrion is guilty, but then shifts the conversation to her daughter Myrcella, at the Dornish court betrothed to the Martell heir Trystane. She asks Oberyn to deliver her a gift, a ship Cersei had commissioned for her nameday.

On the road Brienne continues to be irked by Pod’s lack of outdoor skills. Then he tells her the story of the Blackwater and how he killed a Kingsguard knight to protect Tyrion. Brienne is impressed with his loyalty and warms her attitude toward him allowing him to help her remove her armor.

At Craster’s Keep the Night’s Watch makes its approach. Locke wastes no time locating Bran still being held prisoner with Meera and Jojen. Jojen reveals he has had a vision. He tells Bran they will escape and he must not let anything stop him from reaching the great weirwood tree, claiming he Meera, and Hodor are merely guides. Locke reports back to Jon that the men have no guards posted and will be easy prey. He cautions they should avoid a hut to the west of the keep as it has chained up hounds, but in reality hold Bran, Hodor, and the Reeds.

Karl Tanner returns to the hut and grabs Meera intending to rape her. Jojen offers to help them if they leave his sister be to which Karl is incredulous. Jojen explains he has “the sight” and he has seen Karl will die tonight. And on cue the Night’s Watch begin its attack forcing Karl and his men to leave their captives. Locke appears claiming to be the “rescue party,” but then attempts to abduct Bran. Bran wargs into Hodor, breaking his chains, and attacking Locke. With Hodor’s strength he is able to lift Locke and crack his neck. Bran returns to his body and instructs confused and frightened Hodor to free him and the Reeds. Bran calls out to Jon, but Jojen stops him pointing out Jon would never allow them to continue north. Bran acquiesces and tell Hodor to free Summer and then they must leave.
Bran Stark earns 1 Magic point for warging into Hodor, 3 Morghulis points for killing Locke, and 1 Survival point for escaping Craster’s Keep.
Hodor earns 1 Magic point for being warged into by Bran, 3 Morghulis points for killing Locke, and Jojen Reed earns 1 Magic point for his premonition and 1 Survival point for escaping Craster’s Keep.1 Survival point for escaping Craster’s Keep.
Meera Reed earns 1 Survival point for escaping Craster’s Keep.
Locke earns 1 Morghulis point for killing in the battle at Craster’s, but then receives -5 Death points for being killed by Hodor.

Jon fight’s his way into the house and comes face to face with Mormont’s murderer Karl Tanner. He taunts Jon saying they were free here, but Jon never will be. The fight is brutal, but Jon is able to kill Karl with the help of one of Craster’s wives. The mutineers are soundly defeated, but the state of Locke’s body does give some pause and Rast’s absence is also noticed. He has fled to the woods, but is soon found by Ghost. Now free from the cage Rast taunted him from he leaps and tears out his abusers throat.Jon is overjoyed when Ghost finds his way to Craster’s Keep. Jon offers for Craster’s wives to come to Castle Black, and they refuse saying they will make their own way. He asks if they intend to stay in the keep, but they tell him to “Burn it to the ground and all the dead with it.”
Jon Snow earns 3 Morghulis points for killing Karl Tanner, 1 Morghulis point for killing in battle and 3 Victory points for defeating the mutineers.
Grenn earns 1 Morghulis point for killing in battle, 3 Victory points for defeating the mutineers, 1 Reunion point for reuniting with Ghost.
Eddison Tollett earns 1 Morghulis point for killing in battle and 3 Victory points for defeating the mutineers.
Karl Tanner receives -3 Defeat points for losing his fight with Jon and -5 Death points for being killed.
Rast receives -5 Death points for being killed by Ghost.

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