Episode 34: Oathkeeper

“A gift for the gods.”
– Craster’s wives

We finally get a closer look at the elusive White Walkers in season 4 episode 4, Oathkeeper, with our first introduction to their leader, credited as the Night King. Daenerys rockets up the leaderboard as she conquers the slave city of Meereen and avenging the injustices she witnessed along the way. Cersei and Tywin however take a tumble down the board as their allies reveal their true colors and we learn the truth behind Joffrey’s death.

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In Essos Missandei teaches Grey Worm the common tongue and the two bond over their shared experience as slaves. Daenerys interrupts telling Grey Worm it’s time. That night Grey Worm and his army infiltrate Meereen and speak to the slaves. Grey Worm speaks on behalf of Daenerys promising she is worthy of the allegiance. They arm the slaves and a rebellion ensues with the Masters of Meereen overthrown and the city handed to Daenerys. She does not forget the crucified children however, asking Jorah to remind her of the number. She then declares the same number of Masters be crucified. Barristan tries to warn against it citing mercy as the sign of a just ruler, but Daenerys replies that she will answer injustice with justice. Daenerys then overlooks her new city from the Great Pyramid of Meereen.
Daenerys Targaryen earns 3 Alliance points for the allegiance of the slaves, 3 Victory points for conquering Meereen, 2 Morghulis points for ordering the death of the Masters, and 3 Revenge points for avenging the murdered slave children.
Grey Worm earns 3 Alliance points for convincing the slaves to trust Dany.

In King’s Landing Jaime continues his fighting lessons with Bronn. Jaime asks if Bronn believes Tyrion is guilty, but he doesn’t. Even if Tyrion hated Joffrey the act was not “his style.” Bronn tells him if he really wants to know he should visit him. He then tells Jaime how he and Tyrion met, when Lysa Arryn refused to allow him to send a message to Jaime, he explains how confident Tyrion was that his would brother would fight for him. Properly shamed, Jaime visits his brother’s cell, noting its comfort in relation to his accommodations with Robb Stark. Tyrion declares his innocence, but admits it doesn’t matter Cersei believes he did it and Tywin will happily use any excuse to rid himself of his most hated child. They discuss Sansa, but Tyrion remains confident she is not a murderer, “not yet anyway.”

Littlefinger comes to Sansa’s cabin telling her they are going to The Eyrie so he may marry her aunt Lysa. She bluntly asks if he killed Joffrey. At first he feigns innocence noting he has long been away from the capital. He urges Sansa on as she unravels the plot. He conspired to kill Joffrey with poison smuggled into the feast through the necklace given to Sansa by Dontos. She asks why he would do this when the Lannisters have given him so much, he eventually admits that Joffrey was to uncontrollable and he has made new friends who are more reasonable, Joffrey’s death was a gift to make his new friendship “grow strong,” the Tyrell House words. In King’s Landing Olenna all but admits to a shocked Margaery that she is responsible for Joffrey’s death. She also advises Margaery to not waste time in winning Tommen’s affections.
Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish earns 3 Alliance points for his partnership with the Tyrells and 2 Morghulis points for ordering Joffrey’s death.
Olenna Tyrell earns 3 Alliance points for her partnership with Littlefinger and 5 Morghulis points for murdering Joffrey.
Cersei Lannister receives -3 Betrayal points for the deceit of Littlefinger and Olenna.
Tywin Lannister receives -3 Betrayal points for the deceit of Littlefinger and Olenna.
Joffrey Baratheon receives -3 Betrayal points for the deceit of Littlefinger and Olenna.

At Castle Black Jon trains some of the new recruits including Olly and Bolton’s man, Locke. Alliser Thorne informs Jon that it is not his duty to train the men as he is a steward. Janos advises Alliser that Jon is better liked than him and he should be concerned because there will eventually be a choosing for Lord Commander. Janos suggests reconsidering allowing Jon to march on Craster’s Keep. Locke wastes no time attempting to ingratiate himself to Jon.

Cersei calls Jaime to her chamber to question his ability to protect the Tommen and berates him for his inability to keep Joffrey safe. She further questions his loyalty, insinuating his true allegiance is with the dead Catelyn Stark. It soon becomes clear her hostility arises from learning Jaime visited Tyrion. He tries to tell her Tyrion is innocent, but she won’t hear it. Later, Margaery sneaks into Tommen’s bedroom so the two may get to know one another. She insists he keep their meeting a secret from his mother and asks his permission to visit again to which he eagerly agrees.
Margaery Tyrell earns 3 Alliance points for earning Tommen’s trust.
Tommen Baratheon earns 3 Alliance points for trusting Margaery.

The next day Jaime calls Brienne to the Kingsguard chamber. He presents her with the valyrian steel sword his father gifted him. She tries to protest, but he explains it was forged from Ned Stark’s sword and charges her with searching for and protecting Ned Stark’s daughter. She names the blade Oathkeeper He also gives her a new set of armor. Though, that may have been to soften the blow for his next “gift,” the squire Podrick Payne. Brienne claims she has no need of a squire, but Jaime tells her the boy’s life is in danger should he stay in King’s Landing. Before parting Bronn gives Pod a gift from Tyrion, his ax from the Battle of the Blackwater.
Brienne of Tarth earns 3 Honors points for the sword Oathkeeper and 3 Alliance points for agreeing to take on Pod as her squire.
Podrick Payne earns 3 Honors points for the gift of Tyrion’s ax and 3 Alliance points for becoming Brienne’s squire.
Jaime Lannister earns 3 Alliance points for brokering the arrangement between Brienne and Pod.
Tyrion Lannister earns 3 Alliance points for brokering the arrangement between Brienne and Pod.

Back at Castle Black Sam frets over Gilly’s safety, the wildlings have continued raiding northern villages and he worries Mole’s Town could be next. Sam debates going after her, but Jon remind him their orders were to stay in the castle. He tells Sam he understands because after Sam told him about seeing Bran all he wanted to do was ride north and find him. The two debate how far the small company could have gotten, coming to the horrific realization that they may cross Craster’s Keep. Outside the door a listening Locke has heard all he needs to and tells Jon that Alliser has called for him. Alliser has taken Janos’ advice and tells Jon he may ride for Craster’s but must gather volunteers as he will force no man to go with him. Jon’s speech declaring justice for their fallen commander gains large support, to Alliser’s annoyance. Locke steps up as well offering to take his vows so he may join them, but ostensibly to locate Bran for Roose Bolton.
Jon Snow earns 2 Call The Banners points for rallying the men to march on Craster’s Keep.
Locke earns 3 Alliance points for joining the Night’s Watch.

At Craster’s Keep, Karl Tanner has risen as the group leader. He takes pleasure in belittling Rast and recounting his glories as an assassin in King’s Landing. One of Craster’s wives appears with Craster’s last born child, a boy. Karl goes to stab the babe, but the woman explains it is a gift for the gods. He then instructs Rast to leave the child out in the forest. An unnerved Rast completes his task, he takes a moment to torment the caged Ghost, but flees as the weather chills. Elsewhere Bran, Meera, and Jojen hear the cries of a baby. Bran wargs into Summer to investigate. He sees Ghost in his pen before being caught in a trap.

They approach Craster’s Keep and while Bran is defiant that they must free Summer, Meera quickly realizes they are in danger. Before they can flee the group is captured by the mutineers. Karl interrogates Bran, noticing by his fine clothes that he is highborn. Suddenly Jojen suffers a seizure related to his green dreams. Meera begs to help her brother, but Karl responds by putting a knife to her throat. Bran reveals his identity as a Stark and brother to Jon Snow.
Bran Stark receives -1 Captured point for being apprehended by the Night’s Watch mutineers.
Meera Reed receives -1 Captured point for being apprehended by the Night’s Watch mutineers.
Jojen Reed receives -1 Captured point for being apprehended by the Night’s Watch mutineers.
Hodor receives -1 Captured point for being apprehended by the Night’s Watch mutineers and -1 Wound point for being tormented by Rast.
Karl Tanner earns 1 Capture point for apprehending Bran, Jojen, Meera, and Hodor.
Rast earns 1 Wound point for tormenting Hodor.

The White Walker carries the baby with him while riding his undead horse across the frozen tundra. He comes to a cliff side with a frozen waterfall and at its base a ring of icicles surrounds an altar of ice. The baby is placed on the altar and their leader is introduced as he strides forward. He picks up the child, touches his cheek, and the child’s eyes seem to ice over as they turn blue and he becomes a White Walker.
The Night King earns 3 Alliance point for gathering the last of Craster’s sons for his army.

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