Episode 30: Mhysa

“Everyone is mine to torment.”
– King Joffrey Baratheon

Season Three’s finale Mhysa sets the stage for an interesting ride in season four. Daenerys has gained and army, followers, and loyal councilors; all resulting in her being the seasons most valuable player. After being one of last season’s highest scorers Stannis finishes out season 3 with a measly 1 point. Though at least he’ll be given the chance to redeem himself next season, the same cannot be said for Robb Stark. After many ups and downs Robb was removed from the game at the infamous Red Wedding along with his wife and mother. The Red Wedding upset also lead to Roose Bolton and Walder Freys rise up the leaderboard to claim second and third place.

The self professed craven of the Night’s Watch, Samwell Tarly surprises himself and us by making it into the top 5 with his displays of bravery and loyalty protecting Gilly and young Bran Stark. Westeros may think the House Stark is done but Bran continues to learn how to use his powers making him the season’s top Magic scorer. Arya had a rough season being passed between captors, but in this last episode she takes her first step down a path of bloody vengeance. Though perhaps Theon had the roughest go, falling to the bottom of the Leaderboard while his captor The Boy rises which each torture session.

The Lannister family all kept a fairly low profile. Jaime suffered some critical losses, but by season’s end things seem to be looking up for him. He may have lost his sword hand, but has gained a valuable ally in Brienne of Tarth, who despite harrowing odds manages to come away with a decent score. Cersei finds herself on the sidelines of power yet again as Tywin takes the reigns of the family. Tyrion finds his power greatly diminished as well, but continues to build alliances

Will Dany be able to keep up her momentum next season? Will the Bolton and Freys be able to hold on to their ill gotten gains? How will Cersei react to the return of her much changed twin? Find out with us next season!

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Roose Bolton overlooks the Twins’ battlement as The Red Wedding continues. Even Sandor is disgusted by the carnage. Arya looks on with dead eyes as her brothers mutilated corpse is paraded through the yard. Little notice is paid to them and they are able to escape.
Arya Stark earns 1 Survival point for escaping the Red Wedding.
Sandor Clegane earns 1 Survival point for escaping the Red Wedding.

Tyrion and Sansa have a rare bonding moment as they discuss the best way to get back at those who snicker at them. They are interrupted when Tyrion is called to a small council meeting. Joffrey is nearly jumping for joy which unnerves Tyrion. They have received word from Walder Frey that Robb and Cat are dead. Joffrey insist they write asking for Robb’s head as he once promised to serve it to Sansa. Cersei tries to claim its a joke but the King makes it clear he is quite serious to which Tyrion angrily declares that she is no longer his to torment. The two go back and forth until Tywin ends it, but Joffrey surprises the council by rounding on his grandfather. He declares his father won the real war, killing Rhaegar Targaryen, while Tywin hid under Casterly Rock. Tywin does not take kindly to the rebuke and sends the young King to his chambers.

Alone with his father Tyrion congratulates Tywin, deducing that Lords Frey and Bolton would never have betrayed Robb without certain assurances. Tywin does not deny it and brushes off Tyrion’s disapproval asking why it is more honorable to kill 10,000 men on the battlefield than a dozen at dinner. The conversation shifts to family honor. Tyrion notes that it is easy for his father to spout such platitudes as he s the one making all the decisions. Tyrion cruelly explains that had he done as he wished he would have thrown Tyrion into the sea when he was born, but allowed him to live because he was a Lannister. When Tyrion returns to his wife he sees the news has already reached her.
Tywin Lannister earns 3 Alliance points for his arrangement with Lords Frey and Bolton.

Bran, Jojen, Meera, and Hodor take shelter in one of the abandoned castles on the wall, the Nightfort. Bran second guesses their decision as there are many horrible stories about this castle. He tells them the story of the Rat Cook. One the Night’s Watch cooks had a grievance against the King, when the King and his son visited the castle the cook killed the prince and served it in a pie to his father. As punishment the gods turn him into a giant white rat, condemned to be forever hungry only able to eat his own young. Bran notes that his crime, was not murder or for serving the son to his father, he had broken the ancient laws of guest rite by killing a guest under his roof. Such an act is unforgivable even by the gods.

At Riverrun Walder Frey mocks the dead Lord Hoster Tully who had always looked down on him, but Walder has finally gotten his revenge. Hoster’s daughter and grandson are dead, his son rots in a cell, and Walder Frey is the new Lord of Riverrun. Roose mentions that Brynden Tully escaped, but Walder is unconcerned noting that the Blackfish is alone and the Freys are backed by Tywin Lannister.
Walder Frey earns 1 Capture point for imprisoning Edmure, 3 Revenge points for avenging the dishonors done to him by Houses Tully and Stark, 3 Victory points for his defeat of their forces, and 3 Honors points for becoming Lord of Riverrun.
Roose Bolton earns 3 Victory points for the defeat of House Stark and 3 Honors points for becoming the Warden in the North.
Edmure Tully receives -1 Capture point for being imprisoned by Walder Frey.
Brynden Tully earns 1 Survival point for escaping the Red Wedding.

Walder asks Roose if he will take Winterfell as his seat, when Roose responds that the castle is a ruin Walder inquires as to what exactly happened there. Lord Bolton explains that he had sent his bastard son Ramsay to route out the Greyjoys. Robb had offered had offered safe passage to the Ironborn should they surrender Theon, which of course they did, but “Ramsay has his own way of doing things.” The scene then shifts to Theon’s torture revealing his captor, the mysterious Boy, as Ramsay Snow. After his castration Theon is a broken man and Ramsay decides that he needs a new name to remind him of his place. He beats Theon until he responds that his name is “Reek.”
The Boy/Ramsay Snow earns 1 Wound point for torturing Theon.
Theon Greyjoy receives -1 Wounded point for being tortured by the Boy/Ramsay Snow.

At the Nightfort, the group hears sounds and ready to defend themselves, but are instead greeted by Sam, Gilly, and her baby. Bran lets it slip that his brother is in the Night’s Watch. Sam easily recognizes Summer as a direwolf and Hodor from Jon’s stories coming to the conclusion he is Bran. He tells them that he owes his life to Jon and will help him however he can. Bran asks him to take them Beyond the Wall. Sam tries to tell that they don’t want to do that, but Bran says he has to. Sam and Gilly both try to convince them to come with them to Castle Black saying that north of the wall is no place for the living. However, Jojen reveals he knows that the White Walkers and their army of the dead wait north of the wall, but they must go if there is any hope of fighting them. Sam looks unconvinced.

On the Iron Islands, Balon receives a box from Ramsay containing Theon’s castrated member and a threat that he must retreat from the North or more boxes will follow. Yara is shocked how easily Balon abandons his son, but he notes that now castrated Theon can no longer be his heir. She refuses to give up her brother for lost and vows to gather the Iron Islands greatest killers and save Theon.
Yara Greyjoy earns 2 Call The Banners points for rallying men for her mission to save Theon.

Sam brings Bran, Meera, Jojen, and Hodor to the gate he used to enter the Nightfort. Before parting he gives them his remaining dragonglass. He tells them he was able to kill a White Walker with a dragonglass dagger. He warns he was got lucky with a single one, but there are more and countless wights.
Samwell Tarly earns 3 Alliance points for helping Bran, Meera, Jojen, and Hodor.
Bran Stark earns 3 Alliance points for Sam’s help.

On Dragonstone Davos visits Gendry in his cell. He tries to earn Gendry’s trust He notes they both come from King’s Landing, though Davos’ home in Flea Bottom was in a far worse area of the city. He tells him the story of how he rose to Lord helping Stannis in Robert’s Rebellion. He admits he almost did not accept, but did so for his son. Gendry asks where his son is now. Davos tells the truth, that his son died following him.

In King’s Landing Varys approaches Shae. He notes that she is a good influence on Tyrion, but attempts to bribe her to leave King’s Landing. He explains that Tyrion is a rarity in that he has a good name, money, power, and a conscience; the makings of a true ruler. Shae, however presents a complication. Shae listens, but then tosses the diamonds back at Varys having assumed Tyrion sent him and storms away.

Cersei and Tyrion discuss his marriage to his annoyance. She advises him to give Sansa a child so she may have some happiness. He dryly points out that she has children and asks how happy she is. Cersei replies bluntly, “Not very,” but any joy she has is from her children, even Joffrey. Tyrion wonders aloud when all this will end, Cersei says when they’ve dealt with all of their enemies. Tyrion points out that each time the “deal” with an enemy they make two more. Cersei responds, “Then I suppose it will go on for quite a long time.”

Arya and Sandor pass some Frey bannerman and she hears one mimicking her mother’s death throws. Before Sandor can react she jumps from the horse and approaches the men with a dark expression. She offers to pay the man for a spot by the fire and produces the coin given to her by Jaqen H’ghar, but drops it. When he bends to pick it up Arya commences brutally stabbing him. The others reach for their swords but Sandor pushes her behind him and makes quick work of the smaller Frey bannermen. When finished he asks Arya where she got a knife, she says from him and hands it back. He asks that she warn him next time she does something like that. Arya retrieves her coin whispering the words “Valar Morghulis.”
Arya Stark earns 1 Morghulis point for killing the Frey bannerman and 3 Revenge points for avenging her family.
Sandor Clegane earns 3 Victory points and 1 Morghulis points for his defeat of the Frey bannermen.

In the North Jon washes his wounds in a river and Ygritte comes upon him with her bow drawn. He confesses that he does love her, but he is a man of the Night’s Watch and must keep his vow. She responds by loosing an arrow. Jon flees on his horse and is hit with two more.
Jon Snow receives -1 Wound point for being shot by Ygritte.
Ygritte earns 1 Wound point for shooting Jon with an arrow.

Sam reaches Castle Black and he and Gilly speak to Maester Aemon. When questioned about the baby Gilly reveals she has decided to name him Sam. Maester Aemon sharply reminds Sam of his oath to the Night’s Watch. Sam explains the child is not his, but Craster’s. He says that he remembers his oath was to guard “the realms of men” which includes Gilly and her child. “We didn’t build 500 miles of ice walls, 700 feet high to keep out men.” Maester Aemon agrees and allows that Gilly shall be their guest for the time being. He then orders Sam to write a message to all the Kings of Westeros warning them of what Sam saw Beyond the Wall.
Samwell Tarly earns 1 reunion for reuniting with the Night’s Watch.
Gilly earns 3 Alliance points for being offered Castle Black’s hospitality.
Maester Aemon earns 1 reunion for the return of Sam to the Wall and 3 Alliance points for extending hospitality to Gilly.

Back on Dragonstone Davos continues his reading lessons with Shireen. He comes across Maester Aemon’s message and immediately recognizes its importance. Suddenly they hear the sound of bells. Davos finds Stannis and Melisandre celebrating the death of Ned Stark by tossing the wooden Stark pawns into the fire. Stannis sees this as proof of Melisandre’s power and that Gendry must be sacrificed. Davos refuses to believe that this is the right course and frees Gendry setting him in a boat and telling him to row for King’s Landing.
Stannis Baratheon receives -3 Betrayal points for Davos’ deceit.
Davos Seaworth earns 3 Alliance points for helping Gendry escape.
Gendry earns 3 Alliance points for trusting Davos and 1 Survival point for escaping Dragonstone.

Jon finally reaches Castle Black slumped over the back of his horse. Pyp and Sam run to greet him, reuniting the three recruits. They take Jon inside to treat his wounds.
Jon Snow earns 1 reunion for reuniting with the Night’s Watch.
Pyp earns 1 reunion for reuniting with Sam and Jon.

In the south Jaime Lannister completes his long journey to King’s Landing. He walks the streets unrecognized now with his beard and missing hand dressed in rags. Cersei sits in her chambers looking at seashells. When she sees Jaime she is only able to stare in shock at her maimed twin who now looks to be a different man.
Jaime Lannister earns 1 reunion for reuniting with Cersei.
Cersei Lannister earns 1 reunion for reuniting with Jaime.

It does not take long for Stannis to learn of Davos’ betrayal and he declares that Davos will be executed for this. Davos agrees he deceived him, but offers his advice as Hand not to execute him because Stannis will need him. Melisandre brushes him off, but Stannis asks what he means. Davos produces the letter from the Night’s Watch. When Stannis questions when he learned to read he covers for Shireen and claims his son taught him. Melisandre views the letter and shockingly agrees with Davos. She tells her King that the true war is to the North against the army of the dead and he must answer the call. She tells him to spare Davos as he will be needed to gain support. Stannis laughs that Davos may hate her fire god, but Davos is in his army now.
Melisandre earns 2 Call The Banner points for gathering her forces against the army of the dead.

Daenerys waits anxiously outside the gates of Yunkai. Though the slaves had surrendered to her she fears they may have grown to accept their chains. She is proved wrong however when the gates are opened and a flood of the newly freed yunkish slaves approaches. Daenerys tells them this is their victory, not hers and that they are free to choose if they wish to follow her. After a tense moment of silence the crowd begins to call “Mhysa!” raising their hands to her. Missandei translates that it is the ghiscari word for mother. Daenerys is embraced by her new people.
Daenerys Targaryen earns 3 Alliance points for the allegiance of the slaves of Yunkai.

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