Episode 26: The Climb


“Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some are given a chance to climb, but they refuse. They cling to the realm or the gods or love. Illusions. Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is.”
– Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish

Season 3 episode 6, The Climb proves to be aptly names as Jaime takes his first steps in climbing out of the negative spiral that has been his performance this season. Theon’s captor known only as The Boy climbs into second place. Though she may not appear this episode, Daenerys’ presence looms large on the leaderboard maintaining a healthy lead over the competition. Of course the season isn’t over yet with four episodes left its still anyone’s game.

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Sam and Gilly make camp on their journey to The Wall. Sam is having trouble with the fire leading Gilly to surmise he is highborn when he mentions servants. He shows her the “buried treasure” he found at the Fist and tries to comfort her telling of how warm and safe they will be once they reach Castle Black. At is his urging he sings her and the baby a song, a hymn from the The Faith proclaiming that all the seven love children.

To the south tensions rise between Osha and Meera as the group makes their way to the Wall from the other side. Bran is sick of it and demands they make peace. Their bickering is interrupted by Jojen having what looks like a seizure. Meera explains that his visions take a toll on him. When Jojen wakes her tells Bran he saw Jon Snow on the other side of The Wall surrounded by enemies.
Jojen Reed earns 1 Magic point for his vision.

Tormund’s group prepares to climb The Wall. Jon is nervous and Ygritte admits she is a bit, but has waited her whole life to see the world from atop it. She reveals she knows that Jon is still loyal to the Watch because he is a loyal man, but now she is his woman and he will be loyal to her. Jon promises not to betray her.

Arya practices with a bow calling out the names on her list as she strikes her target. Anguy gives her pointers, but they interrupted by the emergence of the Lady Melisandre. She greets Thoros, both being Red Priests of the Lord of Light. She is shocked by the amount of times Thoros has revived Beric, but he claims it is not him but the Lord of Light working through him. He admits he was never a true believer in their god, preferring drinking to prayer, but when he brought Beric back he could not deny that theirs was the one true god.

Melisandre explains her purpose telling Beric he has someone she needs. She, Beric, and Thoros approach Gendry. They have agreed to give Melisandre Gendry in return for gold. Gendry is confused having professed he wanted to become one of them, Arya has only anger at the Brotherhood and the Red Woman she refers to as a witch. Melisandre looks into Arya’s eyes claiming Arya will close many eyes; blue, brown, and green; and promises they will meet again.
Beric Dondarrion earns 3 Alliance points for the arrangement with Melisandre.
Thoros of Myr earns 3 Alliance points for the arrangement with Melisandre.
Melisandre earns 3 Alliance points for her arrangement with the Brotherhood and 1 Capture point for taking custody of Gendry.
Gendry receives -3 Betrayal points for the Brotherhood selling him to Melisandre and -1 Capture points for being held by Melisandre.

Jon, Ygritte, and the rest of Tormund’s group begin their climb. Jon gets an early taste of its perils when a piece of ice nearly sends him tumbling. He is able to regain his footing though and continue the journey.

In a still unknown location Theon continues to be tortured by the mysterious Boy. He plays a game with Theon trying to see if Theon can guess his identity. He leads Theon to believe he could be at Karhold, making the Boy a Karstark, but after a few moments the Boy smiles as he tells Theon he forgot to ask “If I’m a liar, I’m afraid I am.” He continues his torture telling Theon he is only doing this for his own enjoyment.
Theon Greyjoy receives -1 Wound point for his continued torture by the Boy.
The Boy earns 1 Wound point for torturing Theon.

In the Riverlands Robb holds an awkward meeting with “Black Walder” and Lothar Frey. Speaking on behalf of their father Lord Walder Frey they say that their alliance could be renewed but have some hefty terms. They ask for a formal apology from Robb and the castle of Harrenhal which Robb readily agrees to, but lastly they ask for Edmure Tully to marry Roslin Frey. Edmure is not pleased by the notion of not having any say in his bride nor by the Frey’s demand that the wedding take place immediately. Robb admits Edmure will be paying for his sins and it may not be right, but it is their only hope of winning the war. Edmure relents.
Edmure Tully earns 6 Alliance points for agreeing to the Frey’s terms out of loyalty to Robb.
Robb Stark earns 6 Alliance points for making peace with House Frey and for Edmure’s display of loyalty.
Walder Frey earns 3 Alliance points for making peace with House Stark and Tully.
Black Walder earns 3 Alliance points for making peace with House Stark and Tully.
Lothar Frey earns 3 Alliance points for making peace with House Stark and Tully.

At Harrenhal Jaime and Brienne dine with Roose Bolton. He tells Jaime he will send him to King’s Landing on the condition that Jaime swear to tell his father that Bolton was not responsible for the loss of his sword hand. Jaime agrees telling Brienne “may our journey continue without further incident.” However Bolton explains that she will not accompany him as she is under arrest for abetting treason.
Jaime Lannister earns 3 Alliance points for his agreement with Roose.
Roose Bolton earns 3 Alliance points for his agreement with Jaime.

In King’s Landing Tywin meets with Olenna Tyrell to propose a marriage between Loras and Cersei. He is surprised when she refuses citing Cersei’s age and the possibility she may be too old to bare children. Tywin brings up the rumors of Loras’ homosexuality, which she does not trouble to deny, but notes it is less taboo that the rumors of incest between his children. Finally Tywin declares that if she refuses he will have Loras named to the King’s Guard denying Highgarden an heir. Olenna sees she is beaten and agrees to the marriage.
Tywin Lannister earns 3 Alliance points for arranging the marriage of Cersei and Loras.
Olenna Tyrell earns 3 Alliance points for arranging the marriage of Cersei and Loras.

Jon and Ygritte continue their climb when a huge sheet of ice slips from underneath them leaving Jon and Ygritte dangling by the safety rope. Orell sees that Tormund cannot continue to hold all their weight and begins to cut the line. Jon sees and after a few tries is able to swing and plant his hook, saving himself and Ygritte.

Back in King’s Landing Sansa and Loras have an awkward conversation about their impending nuptials, but find some common ground in their distaste for King’s Landing. Cersei and Tyrion watch from a window as Tyrion debates who has the worst end of Tywin’s grand arrangement. He then rounds on Cersei noting that it was her machinations which led to this. The two then begin to speak bluntly, Cersei credits him for his action during the Blackwater, to which Tyrion notes trying to have him killed is an odd way to say thank you. However Tyrion soon realizes she had not given the order, Joffrey had. She cannot assure him he is safe, but doubt Joffrey will act while Tywin is here. He offers that should Jaime return he may throw a wrench in Tywin’s plans for Cersei, but she points out that they do not know when that will happen. Tyrion on the other hand has no such savior and resigns to tell Sansa himself. He tries to persuade Shae to leave so he may tell her in private, but she insists on staying.

In the throne room Littlefinger gazes at the Iron Throne as Varys approaches. The two trade barbs about their actions to thwart each other’s plans. The conversation takes a dark turn when Littlefinger tells that he has had his revenge on Vary’s informant. We then see Joffrey in his chambers with a crossbow and Ros’ dead her body fettered with arrows. On the pier Sansa weeps as she watches Littlefinger’s ship set sail without her.
Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish earns 3 Revenge points for disposing of Ros after learning she betrayed him.
Ros receives -3 Betrayal points for Littlefinger giving her to Joffrey to torture and -5 Death points for being killed by Joffrey.
Joffrey Baratheon earns 3 Morghulis points for killing Ros.

To the North Tormund’s group reaches the top of the wall. Jon and Ygritte are breathless as they look to North and South. Ygritte is in awe and shares a kiss with Jon Snow.
Jon Snow earns 1 Survival point for surviving the climb up The Wall.
Ygritte earns 1 Survival point for surviving the climb up The Wall.
Tormund Giantsbane earns 1 Survival point for surviving the climb up The Wall.
Orell Skinchanger earns 1 Survival point for surviving the climb up The Wall.

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