Episode 24: And Now His Watch is Ended

“Sometimes severity is the price we pay for greatness.”
– Margaery Tyrell

Daenerys increases her lead in season 3 episode 4, And Now His Watch is Ended. Varys makes an impressive first appearance on the leaderboard as he works to foil Littlefinger’s plans. While Jaime manages the impressive feat of holding last place even with betrayal and murders of three other characters. Will he be able to redeem himself before season’s end? Only time will tell.

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Jaime is utterly defeated as he continues his journey as Locke’s captive wearing his severed hand around his neck. He falls from his horse, feverish and weak. Locke and his men delight in torturing him, kicking him while he is down and giving him horse piss when he begs for water. Even when he is able to get a sword it proves useless in his left hand.
Locke earns 1 Wound point for his torture of Jaime.
Jaime Lannister receives -1 Wound point for being tortured by Locke and his men.

Tyrion goes to see Varys, he asks if he is interrupting when he sees Varys unpacking a rather large crate, but Varys invites him in. Tyrion wants proof that Cersei was behind his attack on the Blackwater being that she is one of only 2 people that can command the Kingsguard. Varys however has only whispers. He advises Tyrion bide his time and proceeds to tell the tale of how he was made a eunuch. He had been working for a mummers troupe when he was sold to a Sorcerer. He was given a potion that paralyzed him, but allowed him to feel the pain of the cut. He then watches as the Sorcerer threw his manhood on a brazier and heard a voice call out from the flames. He explains that the experience left him with a deep distrust of magic, but he did not let it destroy him and so understands Tyrion’s desire for revenge. He goes on to tell how he vowed to live, using his intelligence and skills at thievery to gain power and influence, rising from street urchin to the small council. Now his power has reached back across the narrow sea to deliver him his revenge. He opens the crate revealing the Sorcerer. He tells Tyrion he believes he will have his revenge in time, if he “has the stomach for it.”
Varys earns 3 Revenge points for his securing the Sorcerer who cut him.

Beyond the Wall Mormont and his men are still at Craster’s Keep. Rast is growing irritated by Craster’s scorn and the poor provisions he has given them. Edd and Grenn argue that they will stay until the Lord Commander says they go. Sam goes to visit Gilly who has given birth to a son. She treats him coldly telling him she does not have the time to talk to him because she has only a limited time with her son.

Bran and Jojen share a green dream where Bran tries to follow the three eyed raven. However as he scales the tree he remembers his mother’s warnings and his fall then loses balance. Bran wakes suddenly to Jojen’s knowing eyes.
Bran Stark earns 1 Magic point for his green dream.
Jojen Reed earns 1 Magic point for his green dream.

Back in King’s Landing Varys speaks with Ros who has apparently taken him up on his offer of an alliance. She informs of Littlefinger’s preparations for his trip to the Eyrie to propose marriage to Lysa Arryn. Ros shares her suspicions that he plans to bring Sansa Stark with him. Varys is impressed.
Ros earns 3 Alliance points for her partnership with Varys.
Varys earns 3 Alliance points for his partnership with Ros.
Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish receives -3 Betrayal points for Ros informing on him.

Joffrey and Margaery tour the Great Sept as Olenna and Cersei discuss wedding preparations. Olenna gives her condolences for the passing of Cersei’s husband, but Cersei only responds that hunting and drinking make for an unsurprising tragedy. Olenna makes it clear how little she regards the men of her own family and sees no reason to bow to their will and wishes.

Meanwhile Joffrey delights in showing Margaery the tombs of the Targaryens explaining their gruesome deaths. Margaery expresses admiration for the former ruling family, she begs Joffrey’s pardon knowing they ended in madness, but notes that they accomplished great things despite their cruelty. A sentiment much shared by her betrothed. They hear crowds of commoners outside the Sept and Margaery suggests they go out to greet them. Joffrey is hesitant, no doubt remembering the riot in flea bottom, but Margaery is able to convince him that they will return his love a hundred fold should he give it to them. Against Cersei’s protest the two go out to the steps to wave to the crowd, and as Margaery predicted the crowd showers them with praise.
Joffrey Baratheon earns 3 Alliance points for winning back the love of the common people.

The Boy tells Theon they are close to Deepwood Motte, held by his sister. He warns that some of her men are loyal to Balon so they must sneak through the castle as Theon’s captors had claimed that his father could be behind his imprisonment. Theon laments that his father thought of him as a Stark, but of course he never could be. He admits being jealous of Robb and that he did not in fact kill the Stark boys which seems to catch the Boy’s interest. He leads Theon through a passageway telling him his sister is ahead. However when the boy lights a torch Theon sees he is in the same room he had been imprisoned in. The boy tells the captors that he caught him and says Theon killed the others.
The Boy earns 1 Wound point for torturing Theon and 1 Capture point for re-imprisoning him.
Theon Greyjoy receives -3 Betrayal point for The Boy’s deception, -1 Capture point for being imprisoned, and -1 Wound point for his torturous circular journey.

In the Riverlands Jaime refuses to eat and Brienne admonishes him for giving up. She is disgusted that this supposed warrior would be defeated so easily. Her contempt shames him into eating. She then reveals that what he told Locke about her father being rich was not true and asks why he lied for her, but Jaime is silent.

Cersei sits in Tywin’s chambers awaiting acknowledgment as Tywin writes letters. He assures her he is doing everything in his power to get back Jaime. Frustrated Cersei challenges that she is his true heir and should be a part of his plans. He rejects her assertions that his distrust stems from her being a woman, “I distrust you because you’re not as smart as you think you are.” She complains of the Tyrells and Margaery’s manipulation of Joffrey, but he is glad for it, noting someone needed to control him.

Lady Olenna sits in the garden mocking the Tyrell’s rose sigil in comparison to the fearsome krakens and direwolves of house Greyjoy and Stark. Varys appears, she brushes off his obvious flattery wanting to know the true purpose of his visit. She is annoyed that he is aware of her meeting with Sansa Stark, but he claims he wishes nothing but the best for the girl. He reveals he knows of Littlefinger’s plan to abscond with Sansa Stark. Olenna asks why she has come to her with this and he explains that Littlefinger is a threat to Westeros. He may enjoy the man, but knows “he would see this country burn if he could be king of the ashes.” Later Margaery comes to Sansa and suggests a betrothal between she and Loras. Sansa is over joyed with the idea.
Varys earns 3 Alliance points for informing Olenna of Littlefinger’s plans.
Olenna Tyrell earns 3 Alliance points for agreeing to Varys’ plan regarding Sansa

Beyond the Wall another brother of the Night’s Watch has died and they hold funeral rites outside of Craster’s Keep. The starving men are disturbed by how hungry the smell is making them. Dissent has set in among the ranks leading to Karl Tanner confronting Craster. He taunts Craster until the old man rushes at him, but Tanner makes quick work of him and chaos erupts. Commander Mormont roars that they have broken the laws of hospitality and he will have their heads for this. The two fight and just when Mormont looks like he may have the upper hand he is stabbed in the back by Rast. Sam runs to Gilly and her son telling them they must leave now.
Karl Tanner earns 3 Morghulis points for murdering Craster.
Craster receives -3 betrayal points for being murdered by a guest and -5 Death points.
Jeor Mormont receives -3 betrayal points for the mutiny of the Night’s Watch and -5 Death points.
Rast earns 5 Morghulis points for murdering Commander Mormont.
Samwell Tarly earns 3 Alliance points for saving Gilly and 1 Survival point for escaping Craster’s Keep.
Gilly earns 3 Alliance points for trusting Sam and 1 Survival point for escaping Craster’s Keep.

Back in the Riverlands the Brotherhood without Banners reunites with their leader Beric Dondarrion to the Hound’s surprise. Beric explains they had been sent by Ned Stark to bring the King’s justice to Gregor Clegane. The Hound notes that both Ned and King Robert are dead but his brother is still alive, spitting to show how he feels about that. Beric goes on to explain that he was reborn in the light of the true god with the help of the red priest Thoros of Myr. The Hound recalls Thoros as a drunk, and Thoros does not deny it, but war has changed things. Tired of their chatter Sandor demands they cut his throat and get on with it. But they are about justice not murder. Accusations are called out, but none were his work until Arya pushes forward and accuses him of murdering the butcher’s boy, Mycah. He does not deny it, as Joffrey’s sworn shield it was his duty. The Brotherhood will discover the truth with a trial by combat, Sandor “The Hound” against Beric.

To the east Daenerys reaches the Slaver’s plaza and produces her dragon, Drogon. With a chain on his foot she gives his lead to the master and he in turns gives her the whip signifying the transfer of power. She announces to the Unsullied that it is done and they are now hers. Kraznys mo Nakloz is frustrated by Drogon as he will not come but Daenerys turns to him announcing in Valyrian that a dragon is not a slave. He is angered to realize she could speak Valyrian, but she reminds him as a Targaryen, Valyrian is her mother tongue. She commands her new army of Unsullied to slay all the masters and strike the chains off every slave they see, then turns to Drogon, “Dracarys,” and Kraznys mo Nakloz is burned alive. After the battle’s end Daenerys rides her silver through the Unsullied ranks declaring that from this day forward they are free men, but asks if they would fight for her of their own free will. After a tense moment the Unsullied begin beating their spears on the ground announcing their allegiance while Barristan and Jorah look on in approval.
Daenerys Targaryen earns 3 Victory points for defeating the masters of Astapor, 2 Morghulis points for ordering the death of Kraznys mo Nakloz, and 3 Alliance points for earning the loyalty of the Unsullied.
Kraznys mo Nakloz receives -3 Betrayal points, -3 Defeat points, and -5 Death points for Daenerys is decimation of the slave trade in Astapor.

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