Episode 23: Walk of Punishment

“Yes, all men must die. But we are not men.”
– Daenerys Targaryen

In Season 3 episode 3, Walk of Punishment, Daenerys continues to make up for her performance last season while she navigates the politics of Slaver’s Bay earning herself first place on the leaderboard. Though Tyrion and Margaery have proven themselves adept at playing the game as well and remain only a point behind her. Jaime Lannister however has fallen into last place as his miscalculations of Locke have severe consequences.

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The episode opens at the funeral of Cat’s father Lord Hoster Tully. His son and heir Edmure makes a blunder of the funeral rights forcing his Uncle Brynden to snatch his bow and shoot the flaming arrow himself. We later learn this isn’t Edmure’s first major mistake. His actions on the field allowed The Mountain to evade capture. Edmure tries to defend himself touting his hostages, Tywin’s young nephews Willem and Martyn. Robb is unimpressed noting he has not sued for peace despite the capture of his sisters. Edmure apologizes, but the damage has been done.

In King’s Landing Tywin holds his first small council meeting in the Tower of the Hand and wastes no time pitting the other members against one another. He watches as Littlefinger, Varys, Pycelle, and even Cersei vie for a seat next to him. Tyrion however takes the opposite approach, dragging a chair to position himself across from his father. He demands the council find Jaime considering between them they employ the largest spy network in the Kingdom. It is decided that Petyr Baelish now Lord of Harrenhal will go to the Eyrie to woo Lysa Tully, a task he eagerly accepts. In his place, Tyrion will be made Master of Coin.
Tyrion Lannister earns 3 Honors for gaining the position of Master of Coin.

Brienne and Jaime travel as Locke’s prisoners. Jaime blames her for not arming him, but she points out that he was armed when they were taken. She chides Jaime for his performance during their fight, having always heard what a brilliant swordsman he is she did not expect him to be so slow or predictable. Jaime angrily retorts that she will be raped tonight, likely more than once, and it may go easier on her if she does not resist. Brienne asks if that’s what he would do and he says “I’d make them kill me.”

Arya is not pleased to now be the prisoner of the Brotherhood, but they prefer to think of it as protecting her. She takes a moment to remind the Hound that they have been at this inn before, where he killed her friend Mycah. The Brotherhood prepare to move on, but Hot Pie tells Arya he is staying. The baker liked his bread and the Brotherhood needed to pay their tab. He gives Arya a bread shaped as a Direwolf as a parting gift.
Hot Pie earns 3 Alliance points for agreeing to work for the inn keep.

At Riverrun Cat and her Uncle take a moment to grieve. She fears she will never see Bran or Rickon again, but he tells her she cannot think that way. Robb still believes there’s hope they are alive and he must go on believing that. Elsewhere in the castle Talisa tends the wounds of the young Lannister boys and after teasing them a bit, she assures them they are safe.
Willem Lannister receives -1 Capture points for his imprisonment by Edmure.
Martyn Lannister receives -1 Capture points for his imprisonment by Edmure.
Edmure Tully earns 1 Capture point for holding the Lannister boys captive.

The Wildlings reach the Fist to find none of the brothers of the Night’s Watch, but their horses slaughtered in a grotesque design. Jon wonders if the Commander could have survived, but Mance notes that alive or dead he is still far from the Wall. He commands Tormund to take Jon, Orell, and 20 men to climb the wall. They are to wait for his signal and then attack the Watch from the south. Mance tells Tormund that if Jon should waver in his loyalty, throw him off the wall.

Commander Mormont arrives at Craster’s Keep. Craster is quick to note he has far less men than he had with him when they marched North last season. Mormont question his claim of being a godly man, but Craster clarifies, “to the real gods,” meaning the White Walkers. Gilly meanwhile has gone into labor.

At a yet unknown location The Boy helps Theon escape captivity. He brings him a horse and tells him he must ride east to meet his sister. Theon promises he will make him a lord on the Iron Islands for this, but before he takes his leave the boy tells him they are not on the Iron Islands.
Theon Greyjoy earns 1 Survival point for escaping his imprisonment.

On Dragonstone Stannis is distressed that Melisandre is leaving, believing she intends to abandon him. She swears she is not, but must go to the Riverlands to find something that could be of great help to him. Stannis is impatient to resume the war and begs her to make him another son such as the shadow baby that killed Renly. She tells him that his fires burn too low and they must find another sacrifice with King’s blood.

Far to the east Daenerys subjects herself to the horrors of The Walk Of Punishment, a street in which slaves are tortured for their disobedience. She discusses the prospect of buying an army of Unsullied with Jorah and Barristan Selmy. Barristan advises against the decision as slavery is illegal in Westeros while Jorah argues that she will not win her throne bloodlessly, but the Unsullied will not rape and pillage and will only kill who she commands. She considers both positions and when she meets with the Masters of Astapor she declares she would like to buy all of their Unsullied, even those who have not yet earned their shield. When they ask how she proposes to pay for them she reminds the masters she has dragons. Both Barristan and Jorah rush to dissuade her, but she silences them and agrees to give them Drogon. She also announces she will accept the translator Missandei as a gift.
Daenerys Targaryen earns 3 Alliance points for the deal she makes with the masters of Astapor.
Kraznys mo Nakloz earns 3 Alliance points for the agreement he reaches with Daenerys.

As they leave the plaza Daenerys sharply tells Jorah and Barristan though they always free to council her they must never question her in the presence of others. She then turns to Missandei asking the girl if she has a family she would like to return to, but she has none. Daenerys then reminds her that she is hers now and must be honest. Daenerys tells Missandei how she had offered water to one of the slaves on the Walk Of Punishment, but he asked for death instead. Missandei does not seem shocked noting that “there are no masters in the grave.” She asks Missandei if what that Masters say is true, that the Unsullied with obey without question. Missandei confirms that it is true, they would even kill themselves should she command. Daenerys warns that she is taking Missandei to war and there are many dangers. Missandei responds with the Valyrian phrase, “Valar Morghulis.” Daenerys responds that while all men must die, they aren’t men, revealing she had no need for a translator.
Daenerys Targaryen earns 3 Alliance points for earning Missandei’s loyalty.
Missandei earns 3 Alliance points for putting her trust in Daenerys.

As Master of Coin Tyrion must retrieve the royal ledgers from Littlefinger which he keeps at his brothel for safety. Littlefinger notes that Tyrion owes Pod a significant debt, for saving his life on the Blackwater also noting he is grateful for Tyrion’s influence in having Ros freed. Tyrion explains that it was a misunderstanding as they are not involved, but Littlefinger knows that and questions how it was that Cersei came to believe they were. Tyrion takes his leave and Bronn remarks that it looks like dull reading. Tyrion says the books contain the secret histories of The Seven Kingdoms, but Bronn points out that it could all just be lies, though Tyrion brushes it off. He then reveals to Pod he has a reward in mind for him for his loyalty presenting him with no less than 3 of Littlefinger’s finest prostitutes.
Tyrion Lannister earns 3 Alliance points for rewarding Pod’s loyalty.
Podrick Payne earns 3 Alliance points for Tyrion’s recognition of his loyalty.

Later as Tyrion reads over the ledgers he comes to the frightening realization that Littlefinger is no money magician, but has instead been borrowing for years. The Crown is now heavily in debt not only to House Lannister, but to the more concerning Iron Bank of Braavos. Bronn considers that one could just not pay, but Tyrion notes that the Iron Bank is known to collect its debt one way or another. Pod returns and gives Tyrion back is sack of coins untouched. Tyrion admonishes the boy saying it was a gift he earned, but Pod explains that he did enjoy the company of all the girls they just did not accept payment. Tyrion and Bronn are astonished by this and demand details.
Podrick Payne earns 3 Alliance points for winning the love of Littlefinger’s prostitutes.

Theon is still on horseback when his captors appear in hot pursuit. They wrestle him to the ground threatening to rape him. The boy then appears killing the entire party and saving Theon. He tells Theon they must hurry as “Winter is coming.”
Theon Greyjoy earns 1 Survival point for escaping his captor’s attack
The Boy earns 3 Victory points for defeating Theon’s captors and 1 Morghulis point for killing them.

Locke’s troops make camp for the night and it is clear they intend to rape Brienne. However when the men drag her to the bushes Jaime tells Locke that she is a noble woman, Brienne of Tarth and her father will pay a rich ransom to have her returned untouched. Locke relents and has the men bring her back. His conversation with Jaime then shift to Tywin and how much he would pay to have Jaime back. Jaime promises Locke would be a rich man till the end of his days. Locke seems to take this to heart asking if Jaime would like to eat and offering to loosen his binds. He brings him to a stump asking if this would do as a table. Jaime eagerly accepts and shoots a sly smile at Brienne. However Locke then has him thrown to the ground his hand on the stump. He berates Jaime saying his whole life all he’s ever had to do is say “My father,” and everyone would bow to him, but he is nothing without his father. To remind him of the point Locke then severs Jaime’s sword hand with one swift motion.
Brienne of Tarth earns 1 Survival point for escaping attack by Locke’s men.
Jaime Lannister receives -1 Wound point and -3 Betrayal points for Locke severing his hand.
Locke earns 1 Wound point for severing Jaime’s hand.

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