Episode 22: Dark Wings, Dark Words


“I told them we were all going to die if we don’t get south. Because that’s the truth.”
– Mance Rayder

Margaery Tyrell shoots up the leaderboard in season 3 episode 2,  Dark Wings Dark Words, as she proves herself adept at manipulating the politics of King’s Landing. Sansa also moves up the board finally finding some allies in the capital. Jaime plummets to last place as his challenge of Brienne proves to be a poor decision. Of course the season has only just begun so it’s still anyone’s game.

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Bran has a strange dream where the past and future mingle. He dreams of his brothers but a new face interrupts warning Bran he cannot kill the three eyed raven, because it is him. When he wakes he tries to describe it to Osha, but she shuts down the conversation telling him they need to keep moving.

Grave news reaches Robb’s camp. Cat’s father Hoster Tully is dead, but that is not the worst of it. Roose Bolton’s bastard son reports that he found Winterfell put to the torch and no sign of the young Stark boys. Meanwhile Theon is being tortured but with no clue as to where and by whom.
Theon Greyjoy receives -1 Wound point for his torture.

Jaime continues to be an unruly prisoner questioning every move Brienne makes. He deduces that she had once served Renly and it does not take long for him to realise she was in love with him. He teases her about his known attraction to men, but soon sees he’s gone too far. He tells Brienne that he doesn’t blame Renly or her for that matter, “We don’t get to choose who we love.”

Cersei is disappointed by Joffrey’s obvious captivation with the Lady Margaery. She tries to shake Joffrey’s confidence in the girl by reminding him of her marriage to a traitor. Joffrey snaps that she did as she was told, “That’s what intelligent women do … what they’re told.” Soundly ending the conversation.

Sansa is called to meet with Margaery and the Tyrell matriarch, Lady Olenna. The Tyrells make their motivations clear as they ask Sansa pointed questions on Joffrey’s nature. Sansa tries to repeat her courtesies, but breaks down admitting the King is “a monster.” The Tyrells are disappointed but unsurprised. Olenna notes this changes nothing as her son is determined that Margaery be made Queen, but thanks Sansa for her honesty.
Sansa Stark earns 3 Alliance points for being honest with the Tyrells.
Margaery Tyrell earns 3 Alliance points for gaining Sansa’s trust.
Olenna Tyrell earns 3 Alliance points for gaining Sansa’s trust.

Robb and his forces ride to Riverrun for his Grandfather’s funeral, but not everyone agrees with the choice. Lord Karstark berates Robb calling this pilgrimage a distraction. Robb disagrees noting they can join with the Tully forces. Lord Karstark is unconvinced and brazenly declares that Robb lost his war the day he married Talisa.

Meanwhile Talisa and Cat have a bonding moment as she explains what she is making. A tradition of the Faith, a mother makes them to ask the gods protection for her children. She has made them twice before, once after Bran’s fall and for an infant Jon Snow. She admits that when Ned returned from war with another woman’s baby she prayed that it would die. When he was struck with the pox she was guilt ridden and begged the gods to save him. She promised to raise him as her own and ask Ned to legitimize him, but when the gods answered her prayers she could not bring herself to do it. She tells Talisa that it is her sin she believes her family is being punished for.

In the deep north beyond the Wall Jon Snow has successfully infiltrated the Mance’s army. He warns Jon that though he may like him, he will kill him should Jon betray them. His cause is greater than himself, he knows that his people must get south if they are to survive. He is introduced to his first “warg” a wildling named Orell who is able to see through the eyes of his eagle. Mance asks what he saw and Orell tells him at the First of the First Men the Night’s Watch has been massacred.
Orell Skinchanger earns 1 Magic point for warging.

Elsewhere the remnants of the Night’s Watch make the long trek back to the Wall. Sam is fast losing hope and Rast is no help, telling Sam he deserves to die. When Grenn and Edd try to convince him to get up, he confronts them for abandoning him in the White Walkers attack. Edd remains calm saying that he’s fat and slow and they didn’t want to die, but he and Grenn declare they will not leave him now. Commander Mormont is drawn over by the commotion. When Rast argues for leaving him Mormont puts him personally in charge of making sure Sam gets back to the Wall.

Bran awakes to Summer’s growls. Someone is approaching their camp. A boy walks forward, the same boy from Bran’s dream. Osha holds a spear to his back and he is quick to explains that he is unarmed, but his sister is. She suddenly appears with a knife to Osha’s throat. They introduce themselves as Meera and Jojen of House Reed, loyal vassals of the Starks.
Bran Stark earns 1 Magic point for his prophetic dream.

Arya, Gendry, and Hot Pie make their way through the Riverlands, but are having trouble finding their way. They hear noises and are apprehended by a group referring to themselves as the Brotherhood without Banners. The leader, Thoros of Myr, deduces they are runaways from Harrenhal and force the three to come with them.
Arya Stark receives -1 Capture point for being apprehended by Thoros.
Gendry receives -1 Capture point for being apprehended by Thoros.
Hot Pie receives -1 Capture point for being apprehended by Thoros.
Thoros of Myr earns 1 Capture point for apprehending Arya’s party.

Shae comes to Tyrion with Ros’ warning about Littlefinger and Sansa. But the conversation soon devolves into jealousy as Shae learns Tyrion had been with Ros and suspects he is attracted to Sansa. Tyrion is able to convince her he only wants her though and warns her to be careful as they give into their passions.

Joffrey calls Margaery to his chambers to bid farewell before his hunting trip. However, it is soon obvious Cersei’s words have rattled him. He questions Margaery on her loyalty to her former husband. She expertly avoids his wrath by framing her marriage as a duty she suffered. She feigns interest in his crossbow and allows him to believe she may share his masochistic streak. Joffrey has fallen for her charms and seems intrigued by this new side to her.
Margaery Tyrell earns 3 Alliance points for winning Joffrey’s trust.
Joffrey Baratheon earns 3 Alliance points for succumbing to Margaery’s charm over his Mother’s warnings.

Theon continues to be tortured, but when his assailants leave the boy sweeping the floor removes Theon’s hood. He claims he has been sent by Theon’s sister Yara. He promises to help Theon escape, but they must wait till night.
Theon Greyjoy earns 3 Alliance points for The Boy agreeing to help him escape.
The Boy earns 3 Alliance points for agreeing to help Theon.

Jojen tries to help Bran understand his new powers explaining he is a Warg that could see through Summer’s eyes if he so chooses. Bran says it only happens when he sleeps, but Jojen says he will learn to control it. He asks Jojen about the three eyed raven and if it is related to warging. Jojen says the three eyed raven brings “the sight.” Bran like Jojen is able to see the past, present, and future. Osha is wary of the Reed children, but begrudgingly allows their presence.
Bran Stark earns 3 Alliance points for allying with the Reeds.
Rickon Stark earns 3 Alliance points for allying with the Reeds.
Hodor earns 3 Alliance points for allying with the Reeds.
Osha earns 3 Alliance points for allying with the Reeds.
Jojen Reed earns 3 Alliance points for allying with the Starks.
Meera Reed earns 3 Alliance points for allying with the Starks.

The Brotherhood takes Arya, Gendry, and Hot Pie to an inn where they are fed. The Brotherhood has some fun at Arya’s expense regarding her expertise with a sword, but in the end agree to let them go. However just as the three are about to leave the archer Anguy comes in with a rather large captive. He removes the hood to reveal Sandor “The Hound” Clegane who instantly recognizes Arya and asks what Thoros is doing with “the Stark bitch.”
Sandor “The Hound” Clegane receives -1 Capture point for being apprehended by the Brotherhood.
Anguy earns 1 Capture point for apprehending the Hound.

Brienne is faced with a choice of which route to take and Jaime uses her moment of indecision to gain the upper hand. He is able to reach her second sword and the two proceed to fight. While Jaime puts up a good fight he is no match for Brienne after months in captivity. She soundly defeats him, but the two are interrupted by Locke, a bannerman to House Bolton, and his troops.
Brienne of Tarth earns 3 Victory points for defeating Jaime and -1 Capture point for being apprehended by Locke.
Jaime Lannister receives -3 Defeat points for losing his fight to Brienne and -1 Capture point for being apprehended by Locke.
Locke earns 1 Capture point for apprehending Jaime and Brienne.

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