Episode 18: The Prince of Winterfell


“I will hurt you for this. A day will come when you think you are safe and happy, and your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth… and you will know the debt is paid.”
– Tyrion Lannister


King’s Landing braces itself for Stannis’ imminent attack in season 2 episode 8, The Prince of Winterfell. But even as they prepare for the assault the Lannister siblings cannot help feuding with one another. Catelyn’s Stark actions have consequences, but helps boost Brienne of Tarth into first place. Theon find himself losing points as we discover all was not as it seemed at the conclusion of the previous episode.

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Yara arrives at Winterfell and makes it known to her brother that she is displeased by his recent actions. He admonished her for bringing too few men to defend the castle. She explains that they are not here to help him, but to bring him home. They are Ironborn, their strength is in their ships and Winterfell is miles from the sea. The death of the Stark boys has made him the most hated man in the North and a walking target. He refuses to abandon the castle, and Yara advises him not to die this far from the sea.

Ygritte and her men present Jon to the Lord of Bones who reveals he’s captured Qhorin Halfhand. He says they should kill Jon, but Ygritte defends him noting he had many opportunities to kill her but stayed his hand. After learning he is a bastard of House Stark the Lord of Bones agrees to bring him to Mance. Ygritte tells Jon they are now even.
Qhorin Halfhand receives -1 Capture point for being seized by the wildlings.
Lord of Bones earns 1 Capture point for seizing Qhorin Halfhand.

At the Stark Camp it is discovered that Jaime has escaped again, but it is soon revealed that Cat set him free. Lord Karstark is enraged that he has been denied his justice. Cat tries to explain that while Jaime’s life would not return his sons to him, it might return her daughters to her. Robb coldly tells her that she has weakened him and brought discord into his camp. He orders her be guarded. Meanwhile Brienne and Jaime begin their journey and an uneasy alliance.
Robb Stark receives -3 Betrayal points for Cat’s deceit.
Catelyn Stark earns 3 Alliance points for her arrangement with Jaime and Brienne.
Jaime Lannister earns 3 Alliance points for his arrangement with Cat and Brienne.
Brienne of Tarth earns 3 Alliance points for taking charge of returning Jaime to King’s Landing.

Tywin and his commanders discuss their next move. Stannis is only 2 days from King’s Landing and Robb Stark is on their door step. Arya continues to serve as his cupbearer and smiles at the mention of her brother. Tywin announces he will ride out that night so as not to alert the Stark forces. To Arya’s horror he declares that Gregor will be left in charge of the castle and she will stay on as his cupbearer. She rushes to find Jaqen, but before she can find him she sees Tywin riding out the gate.

Jon and the Halfhand are marched to Mance’s camp. Qhorin takes the opportunity to tell Jon that he must infiltrate the wildling army. Jon argues that they will never trust him, but Qhorin replies that they might if he does “what needs to be done.” Qhorin then loudly picks a fight with Jon which is broken up by the Lord of Bones.

Tyrion is stressed by Stannis impending attack. Varys appears and commends Bronn and his gold cloaks on the marked drop in thievery. Tyrion questions how he accomplished this and Bronn admits he had all the known things rounded up and killed. Tyrion isn’t pleased, but Bronn explains that in a siege thieves represent a great threat. Tyrion predicts Stannis will attack the mud gate and acknowledges their only plan hinges on the pyromancer’s wildfire.
Bronn earns 2 Morghulis points for ordering the death of the city’s thieves.

At the Fist of the First Men; Sam, Grenn, and Edd discuss Jon’s fate. While the others are doubtful Sam is sure that Jon will be fine. They stumble across a hidden cache of daggers buried in the snow. Sam says they are dragonglass, what the Maester’s call obsidian, he also finds an old horn and notes they were wrapped in a cloak of the Night’s Watch.

Arya finally finds Jaqen and she rounds on him for not being there when she needed him. But he is here now, and says she still has 1 name to give. Frustrated when he will not help her escape as it would mean taking more than one life, she gives him his own name. Distressed, he begs her to unname him. Arya says she will if he helps she and her friends escape.

Tyrion and Cersei discuss his plans for battle. She is displeased he wants Joffrey on the field. Tyrion tries to persuade her that he will be in no danger and his presence will inspire the troops. Cersei makes it clear the she believes this is a plot for Tyrion to murder her son. She reveals she has “his whore” and promises that any injuries sustained by Joffrey will be inflicted on her. Tyrion tries to convince her that he has no feelings for the girl, but Cersei is unconvinced. She has her guards bring in the woman, who is not Shae, but Ros. Tyrion promises Ros he will secure her release and to Cersei he vows that he will hurt her for this.
Cersei Lannister earns 1 Capture point for imprisoning Tyrion’s “whore.”
Ros receives -1 Capture point for being imprisoned by Queen Cersei.

Robb discusses Winterfell with his bannerman Roose Bolton. Bolton has sent his bastard son to reclaim the Stark’s seat and Robb gives clear instructions on what to be done with the Ironborn. All those that surrender may return to Iron Islands, with the exception of Theon Greyjoy who is to be brought to Robb so he may personally execute the traitor. Roose takes his leave when Talisa appears. She asks how he is, but realizes with his litany of problems that it is a foolish question. She tells him of her old life in Volantis and her reason for leaving, vowing she would never again live in a city that allowed slavery. Robb confesses he does not wish to marry the Frey girl and the two are soon overtaken by their passion and have sex.

Arya, Gendry, and Hot Pie crouch in the shadows in Harrenhal’s courtyard. She tells them that Jaqen only told her to walk through the gate, but Gendry is discouraged by the guards still standing at their post. Arya tells them they must trust Jaqen and sets forth. As she gets closer to the gate she sees the guards may be standing, but they are dead. The three quietly escape the castle.
Arya Stark earns 1 Survival point for escaping Harrenhal and 2 Morghulis points for ordering the death of the guards.
Gendry earns 1 Survival point for escaping Harrenhal
Hot Pie earns 1 Survival point for escaping Harrenhal
Jaqen H’ghar earns 1 Morghulis point for killing the guards

Stannis’ ships make their way to King’s Landing. He and Davos discuss Robert’s Rebellion and the many slights he endured by his brother. He explains that he did what Robert asked because he was loyal to his brother and his King. He notes that Davos has shown such loyalty to him and declares that Davos shall be his Hand.
Davos Seaworth earns 3 Honors points for being named Hand of the King.

In King’s Landing Joffrey seems excited by the prospect of facing his Uncle Stannis, promising to give him a red smile. But with fewer numbers and unsound gates Varys and Tyrion are far more wary. When the King takes his leave Varys informs Tyrion of the news of Daenerys. He tells Tyrion that it is said she has hatched three dragons, but Tyrion says they must focus on the war at hand.

Jorah returns to Daenerys with news that he has found them a ship, but she will not leave without her dragons. He tells her the Warlocks are certainly planning a trap at the House of the Undying. Daenerys reminds him that she has magic as well and Jorah relents.

At Winterfell Theon and Dagmer discuss burying the children’s bodies. Dagmar believes they should be kept up as a warning, but Theon believes he’s made his point. He gives Dagmar gold for the Farmer’s “troubles,” but Dagmar reveals he killed the man. Maester Luwin notices Osha making her way down to the crypt. He discovers she, Hodor, and the boys safely hidden. He and Osha deduce that Theon had in fact killed the orphan boys and passed them off as the Starks. The Maester tells her not to inform the boys as they will blame themselves, but Bran is awake and listening.
Dagmar Cleftjaw earns 1 Morghulis point for killing the Farmer 
Theon Greyjoy 
receives -8 points for not killing Bran and Rickon last episode and 2 Morghulis points for the killing of the two orphans.
Bran Stark earns 5 Death points for not having been killed.
Rickon Stark earns 5 Death points for not having been killed.

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