Episode 17: A Man Without Honor

“Don’t look so grim. It’s all just a game.”
– Theon Greyjoy

Theon rockets up the leaderboard with his latest act of an enormity in season 2 episode 8, A Man Without Honor. Daenerys finds herself falling behind as Xaro’s true colors are revealed. Sansa finds an unlikely ally in the snake pit that is King’s Landing. While Tyrion and Cersei refrain from making any big moves, but prepare for Stannis’ inevitable attack on the city.

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Theon assembles his men in Winterfell’s yard demanding an explanation for how two children, one of whom is paralyzed, and the slow-witted Hodor were able to escape. One of the men, Loren, points the blame at Osha who he is quick to note Theon had been sleeping with. Enraged by Loren’s implication that he is to blame, Theon beats him, then demands they ready the hounds and horses.
Theon Greyjoy earns 1 Wound point for beating Loren.

Maester Luwin accompanies Theon on his hunt. He reminds Theon that the Stark boys are worth far more to him dead than alive. Bran and their group make their way through the North. Osha worries about their lack of food, but Bran tells her they could not risk endangering those who work in the kitchens as Theon would surely have violently punished them for aiding in their escape. Rickon isn’t worried happily eating the walnuts Hodor cracks open for him. They come across a farm and Rickon recognizes two orphan boys that once lived at Winterfell. He thinks the boys could help them, but Bran seem unsure.

Jon awakes snuggled next Ygritte, but jumps away when she makes a crass comment. The two continue their trek as Jon searches for his Brothers. Ygritte takes the opportunity to further tease him on the Watch’s vows of celibacy.

At Harrenhal Amory Lorch’s death has impacted the already dismal castle. Soldiers are tortured for any information on the assassination. Tywin believes himself to be the target and notes that the rare poison used suggests a professional. Tywin discusses legacy with Arya. He believes this will be his last and most memorable war. As they speak he is surprised by Arya’s knowledge on the castle’s history and the Targaryen conquest. He seems to suspect she is not as common as she would have him believe.

Sansa tries to thank Sandor Clegane for rescuing her during the riot, but he responds coldly. She confronts him for his attitude asking why he must be so “hateful.” He tells her that she will be glad one day for his hateful ways when he is all that stands between her and Joffrey.

To the East, Daenerys is still in a fury over her lost dragons. Xaro asks to help her in locating them. He tells her he feels responsible as he had promised her protection and fears it will damage his reputation. Daenerys cares little for his reputation however and leaves him standing on the steps alone.

In the deep north Beyond The Wall Ygritte continues to tease Jon. She notes how backward the ways of Southerns are following a man simply because his father was King. When he says that she follows Mance Rayder “The King Beyond the Wall” she explains that they chose Mance to lead them. Mance had been a brother of the Night’s Watch, but he wanted to be free. She tries to tempt Jon telling him that he could be free too.

At the Stark camp Alton Lannister returns with Cersei’s response to Robb’s terms. He is unsurprised that she has rejected them. He asks that Alton be given a clean pen and a hot meal, Lord Karstark remarks with annoyance that the pens are full of prisoners. Robb has him put with Jaime. Talisa appears begging a moment, earning Robb more annoyed looks from his bannermen. She tells him that she is running short of medical supplies. She asks him to speak with the Maester when he goes to accept terms of surrender from the Crag, she could give him a list. He surprises her by instead offering that she accompany him.

As Theon’s hunt for the Stark boys stretches on he becomes increasingly frustrated. The hounds have followed the tracks to the farm. Dagmar comes to Theon showing him the broken walnut shells and advises him to send the Maester home.

Jorah returns from attempting to secure Daenerys a ship and she explains what’s happened; the dragons gone, Irri dead, and Doreah missing. She is discouraged and suspicious, lashing out at Jorah. He begs Daenerys to let him help her. She commands him to find her dragons.

Ygritte claims she will tell Jon’s commander that they had sex. She then tries to seduce him, but it proves to be a trick. She escapes then leads him into an ambush.
Ygritte earns 1 Survival point for escaping Jon Snow and 1 Capture point for trapping him.
Jon Snow receives 1 Capture point for being lured in the Wildling trap.

Sansa has a nightmare about the riot and wakes to discover her first period. She panics and attempts to cut the stain out of the mattress. Shae appears and tries to calm her, but Sansa explains this means she can now marry the King. Another handmaiden comes to the door as the two are attempting to flip the mattress. Shae chases her down holding a knife to her throat telling the girl not tell anyone what she saw. However, when Shae returns to the room Sandor Clegane is standing over Sansa.
Sansa Stark earns 3 Alliance points for Shae’s loyalty to her.
Shae earns 3 Alliance points for trying to protect Sansa.

Cersei has Sansa brought to her. She tries in her own awkward way to comfort Sansa, telling her that while she may not love the King she will love their children. Sansa is confused by the advice asking shouldn’t she love Joffrey? Cersei replies simply, “you can try.”

Alton is imprisoned with his famous cousin Ser Jaime. He reminds Jaime that he was his squire in a tournament years ago. The two reminisce and discuss the thrill of battle and tourney. Jaime leans in and confides he believes he may have found a way to escape. He asks Alton to move closer and when he does Jaime beats him with a rock. He calls over the guard saying something is wrong with Alton then kills him as well and escapes.
Jaime Lannister earns 4 Morghulis points for killing Alton Lannister and Torrhen Karstark and 1 survival point for his escape.
Alton Lannister receives -3 Betrayal points and -5 Death points for Jaime’s murder of him.

Jorah goes to see the mysterious Quaithe and asks is she knows where the dragons are. Quaithe asks him bluntly if he will betray Daenerys again, but he declares he never will. She tells him that she is with the man responsible now. Daenerys addresses the Thirteen begging for their help, but The Spice King is not sympathetic. Pyat Pree admonishes him that a mother should not be separated from her children. He offers to bring her to the House of the Undying where he has moved her Dragons. He explains that he made a deal with the King of Qarth, Daenerys is confused, “There is no King of Qarth.” Xaro rises telling her there is now. In return for giving the Warlocks her dragons they will make him King. Pyat Pree then assassinates the members of The Thirteen. Daenerys and her bloodrider flee with help from Jorah.
Daenerys Targaryen receives -3 Betrayal points for Xaro’s deception.
Xaro Xhoan Daxos earns 3 Alliance points for his arrangement with Pyat Pree and 3 Crowned points for becoming the King of Qarth
Pyat Pree earns 4 Morghulis points for killing the Spice King and the Thirteen and 3 Alliance points for his arrangement with Xaro.

Catelyn is informed that Jaime has been recaptured. Rickard Karstark loudly demands the man’s head for killing his son, Torrhen. Cat tries to calm tempers as Robb is still accepting terms at the Crag. She is able to stay his hand for the time being, but he tells her he will ask Robb for Jaime’s execution.
Jaime Lannister receives -1 Capture points for being recaptured by the Northmen.

In King’s Landing Cersei shares the report of Stannis’ movements with Tyrion. She seems confident in her wildfire plan. Tyrion is not nearly as positive noting that Stannis has larger numbers and they have the massive liability that is Joffrey. Cersei chides Tyrion for giving the boy “whores to abuse.” Tyrion concedes he misjudged the situation. He tells her she must control Joffrey, but Cersei admits that he will not listen to her. She wonders aloud if this is “the price of their sins,” considering that Joffrey’s cruelty may be a result of his incestuous parentage. Tyrion attempts to comfort her noting that Myrcella and Tommen are both good kind children.

At the Stark camp the Karstark men still call loudly for Jaime’s head. Brienne warns Cat that he may not live through the night if the men continue to drink and rage. Cat asks Brienne to come with her, heads to Jaime’s pen and dismisses his guard. When she tells him he has no honor Jaime mocks her late husband claiming he had never slept with anyone but Cersei but honorable Ned fathered a bastard. Cat has had enough of him and asks Brienne for her sword.

Theon gathers the inhabitants of Winterfell. He tells them he warned what would happen to those who did not show him loyalty. He then reveals the burn corpses of the Stark boys. The crowd gasps and a horrified Maester Luwin cries out.
Brandon Stark receives -5 Death points.
Rickon Stark receives -5 Death points.

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