Episode 13: What Is Dead May Never Die

“I pity them … They are the Knights of Summer and Winter is coming.”
– Catelyn Stark

We get our first look at Renly’s court in the third episode of season 2, What Is Dead May Never Die. The maid of Tarth, Brienne the Beauty makes a bombastic entrance onto the Leaderboard. Tyrion has taken the reins in King’s Landing much to Cersei’s anger. While not a heavy action episode, all the schemes and plots result in a lot of points to give out. After a stunning performance last season, Robb Stark makes a less than impressionable first appearance on the Leaderboard thanks to his good friend Theon Greyjoy.

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Craster drags Jon back to his keep. He tells Commander Mormont that his men are to leave at daybreak. Jon tells Mormont  what he saw and Jon is shocked to see Mormont knew the fate of Craster’s sons. He tells Jon that Craster’s help has been the difference between life or death for their Rangers, they need him. Sam says goodbye to Gilly, he gives her his mother’s sewing thimble, a treasured keepsake. When she tries to refuse he declares he’s not giving it away, he will return for it.
Samwell Tarly earns 3 Alliance points for his pledge to return for Gilly
Gilly earns 3 Alliance points for Sam’s pledge to return for her.

We learn that Bran’s dreams are more than they once seemed. When he sleeps he sees through his direwolf Summer’s eyes. He tries to explain to the wise Maester Luwin, but he is unconvinced. He tells Bran that magic may have once had a place in the world, but no more. The Dragons are dead, so are the children of the forest and the giants.
Bran Stark earns 3 Magic points for his ability to slip into his direwolf’s skin.

To the south Renly Baratheon has declared himself King. Catelyn arrives to broker an alliance between he and her son and is surprised to find a tournament taking place. Renly’s new Queen Margaery Tyrell cheers on her brother as he faces a helmed opponent. Despite her encouragement Loras is soundly defeated and the challenger removes their helmet to reveal herself as Brienne of Tarth. She affirms her allegiance to Renly as her King and begs him the honor of a place in his Kingsguard. To Loras and the crowd’s surprise he agrees. Catelyn is called forth and treated warmly by both King and Queen, but responds coldly to Renly’s declarations of presenting her with Joffrey’s head. She makes it clear that her son is “fighting a war, not playing at one.” But Renly only smiles telling her the war has only beginning.
Renly Baratheon earns 3 Crowned points and 6 Alliance points for the allegiance of the Tyrells and Brienne of Tarth.
Margaery Tyrell earns 3 Alliance points for her marriage to Renly and 3 Crowned points for her new position as Renly’s Queen.
Loras Tyrell earns 3 Alliance points for brokering the marriage between his sister and Renly and -3 Defeat points for Brienne’s victory over him.
Brienne of Tarth earns 3 Victory points for her defeat of Loras, 3 Alliance points for her allegiance to Renly, and 3 Honors points for her appointment to the Kingsguard.

Theon confronts her sister about her deception on their first meeting, but she merely laughs in his face. She wanted to learn the kind of person he’d become and she had. Balon appears and lays out the plan he and Yara had discussed. They will raid along the northern coast now largely undefended as result of Robb’s southern campaign. Theon doubts their strategy and is angered to learn his role would be to command a single ship and raid fishing villages while Yara will command 30 and attack a castle. But it is clear that Balon has far more trust in his daughter than the the son raised by his enemies. Theon tries to persuade Balon that they have more to gain allying with the North than attempting to rise against it, if they help defeat the Lannisters the Starks will give them Casterly Rock. Balon will have none of it. Their words are “We will not sow” and Balon takes them to heart. He will not bow to the family that killed his sons, they will take what is theirs.
Balon Greyjoy earns 3 Alliance points for his trust in Yara and 2 Call The Banners points for declaring war on the North.
Yara Greyjoy earns 3 Alliance points for her loyalty to Balon and his trust in her.

In King’s Landing Tyrion tries to calm a frustrated Shae promising her he will find a way to bring her into the castle. Sansa dines with the royal family; Cersei, Myrcella, and Tommen. When Myrcella asks when Joffrey and Sansa will be wed she is visibly disturbed, she returns to her room to find her new handmaiden, Shae. Sansa finds herself venting her frustrations on her when it becomes clear Shae has no idea what she is doing. Meanwhile Tyrion is enjoying himself as he plays “the game.” He develops a plan in order to discover who among the small council he can trust by telling Varys, Littlefinger, and Grand Maester Pycelle his plans to wed off Myrcella. This would strengthen alliances and keep Myrcella safe should the city come under attack. However he tells each of them something different. To Varys he claims Theon Greyjoy would be the match, to Pycelle he says Prince Trystane Martell heir of Dorne, and to Littlefinger he asks his help in brokering an arrangement with Lysa Arryn between her son Robin and Myrcella. He offers to reward Littlefinger for his efforts by naming him Lord of Harrenhal.

Renly finds time alone with Loras who asks why he agreed to name Brienne to his King’s Guard. “As if I wasn’t humiliated enough?” Renly explains that all his lords want something from him, but Brienne merely wishes to die for him. Renly tries to kiss him, but Loras refuses saying “another Tyrell requires your attention,” and presents Margaery. Once alone she makes it clear to Renly she is fully aware of his relationship with her brother and is unconcerned. All that is important is that he have an heir.

Cersei explodes on Tyrion for his plot to send her only daughter to Dorne. House Martell has held a grudge against their family since Robert’s Rebellion. Tyrion tries to explain to Cersei that Myrcella is not safe here if the city should fall, which it well could, but Cersei cannot be consoled. She warns Tyrion that Ned Stark believed he was safe too,but it is done and she cannot stop it. She angrily demands he leave and he does, with the knowledge that he cannot trust Maester Pycelle.

Theon sits alone with a parchment, he has written to Robb warning him of his father and Yara’s plans, but in the end cannot bring himself to betray his family. He burns the letter. The next morning Theon is baptized in the name of the Drowned God of the Iron Islands.
Theon Greyjoy earns 3 Alliance points for declaring his allegiance to House Greyjoy.
Balon Greyjoy earns 3 Alliance points for his son’s loyalty.
Robb Stark receives -3 Betrayal points for Theon’s abandonment and decision not to warn him of Balon’s plans.

Tyrion is confronted by Littlefinger, angry that their arrangement was a farce he demands to be left out of Tyrion’s next plot. Tyrion surprises him by saying he was to be the centerpiece of his plan to get Jaime released, “How would you like to see your beloved Cat again?” Bronn appears having located Pycelle. Tyrion reveals to Pycelle that he knows it was him who told Cersei. He has the Maester sent to the dungeons. Later Varys reports that Shae is doing well in Lady Sansa’s service and commends Tyrion on his ploy. He advises Tyrion that power is an illusion and “a small man can cast a large shadow.”
Tyrion Lannister earns 6 Alliance points for his arrangements with Littlefinger and Varys and 1 Capture point for sending Pycelle to the dungeons.
Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish earns 3 Alliance points for allying with Tyrion
Maester Pycelle receives -1 Capture point for being sent to the Black Cells and -3 Fall From Power points for losing his position on the small council.

Still making their way north the Night’s Watch recruits make camp for the night. Arya cannot sleep and sits cleaning needle. Yoren tells her the story of how his brother was murdered and from that day on Yoren would say his name each night, like a prayer, until the day he was able to bury an ax in the boy’s face. Their conversation is interrupted by the blasting of horns. He warns Arya and Gendry that should it become a fight they should flee. The gold cloaks have returned with Ser Amory Lorch, a knight in service to House Lannister. Yoren goes out to meet them while the other recruits run out the back. Lorch demands that Yoren surrender Gendry and attacks when he’s refused. Though Yoren is struck by arrows he is able to kill several men before Lorch finishes him.

The recruits attempt to flee. Jaqen H’ghar calls for help and Arya see the wagon with the jailed recruits has caught on fire. She gives them an ax to free themselves. The fight is over before it really begins Arya is captured by Polliver who also snatches her beloved sword Needle. Hot Pie and Gendry have also been taken, but Lommy lays in the grass an arrow deep in his leg. He tells Polliver he needs help, he leans over as if to give the boy a hand only to stick Needle through his throat. When the soldiers demand the recruits give up Gendry, Arya points to the dead Lommy saying you already got him.
Yoren earns 1 Morghulis point for killing in battle but ultimately receives -5 Death points.
Gendry receives -1 Capture point for being apprehended by Lorch’s men.
Arya Stark receives -1 Capture point for being apprehended by Lorch’s men.
Hot Pie receives -1 Capture point for being apprehended by Lorch’s men.
Lommy receives -5 Death points for being killed by Polliver
Amory Lorch receives 3 Victory points for his defeat of the Night’s Watch and 3 Morghulis points for killing Yoren.
Polliver earns 1 Capture point for apprehending Arya and 3 Morghulis points for killing Lommy.
Jaqen H’ghar earns 1 Survival point for escaping the fire.
Rorge earns 1 Survival point for escaping the fire.
Biter earns 1 Survival point for escaping the fire.

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