Episode 6: A Golden Crown

“There is only one god. And his name is death. And there is only one thing we say to death ‘Not today.’”
– Syrio Forel

Well, we promised fire and blood and episode 6, A Golden Crown definitely delivers! There are some new faces on the Leaderboard and we are introduced to the wildling woman, Osha. Ned reclaims his 1st place status, but Bronn the sellsword is only trailing by a point. Joffrey Baratheon is able to crawl out of his negative standing by recapturing the love and loyalty of his betrothed, Sansa Stark. With only 4 episodes till the finale it’s still anyone’s game.

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Ned awakes in his chambers and finds both the King and Queen standing over him. Cersei is enraged by Ned’s actions against her family. Robert demand they cease their in fighting. Robert reinstates Ned as the Hand of the King. He declares Daenerys will die and if Ned removes his pin of office again Robert promises to put it on Jaime Lannister. He then announces he’s going hunting and by the time he comes back all this should be settled.
Eddard “Ned” Stark earns 3 Honors points for being reinstated as Hand of the King.

Meanwhile in the Dothraki Daenery remains fascinated with her dragon eggs. She removes one from its chest and places it in the brassier. Her handmaiden calls out when she sees Daenerys reach into the flames. While the handmaiden’s hands are burnt by the scaled eggs, Daenerys remains unscathed.
Daenerys earns 1 Magic point for her resistance to fire.

In Winterfell Bran is thrilled to be able to ride again thanks to Tyrion’s saddle design. While Robb and Theon discuss calling the banners Bran slips away and is soon confronted by a group of Wildlings. They consider taking him hostage as he is the blood of the Night’s Watch Ranger, Benjen Stark, but determined to continue further south they decide to merely rob him. They are soon interrupted by Robb, a short bloody fight commences. Robb takes down two of the wildlings but finds himself at a standstill when one holds a knife to Bran’s throat. Theon takes initiative and shoots the Wilding in the back with an arrow. Osha, the only remaining attacker surrenders herself to the Stark’s custody.
Robb Stark earns 1 Morghulis point for killing in the fight with the Wildlings, 3 Victory points, and 1 Capture point for the mercy he shows Osha.
Theon Greyjoy each earns 3 Victory points and 1 Valar Morghulis point for his bowmanship.
Bran receives 1 Survival point.
Osha receives -3 Defeat points for losing the fight with Robb and -1 Captured point.

Tyrion remains in Lysa Arryn’s custody, trapped in the sky cells, he demands he receive a trial. Choosing a trial by battle he elects his brother, Jaime as his champion. Lysa refuses to wait for Jaime to travel to the Vale and insists the trail must takes place today. When all seems lost, the sellsword Bronn steps up and offers himself as Tyrion champion.
Tyrion Lannister earns 3 Alliance points for Bronn’s assistance.
Bronn earns 3 Alliance points for championing Tyrion.

While King Robert is in the Kingswood hunting Boar, Ned sits the Iron Throne in his place. A group of villagers from the Riverlands arrive with tales of savage raids by the Lannisters as retribution against Ned’s wife, Catelyn, whose father is Lord Paramount of the Riverlands. Ned responds by ordering the execution of Lannister bannerman, Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane who was seen leading the raids and demands Cersei’s father, Tywin Lannister present himself in court to answer for his bannerman’s crimes. Both Maester Pycelle and Littlefinger are surprised at the harshness. Ned has essentially just declared war on House Lannister.
Eddard “Ned” Stark receives 2 Call the Banners points.

In the Vale, Tyrion’s trial commences and Bronn makes quick work of Lysa’s champion, Ser Vardis Egen. Lysa is forced to free Tyrion now that he has been judged innocent in the eyes of the gods.
Bronn earns 3 Victory points for the trial by combat and 1 Morghulis point for kill Ser Vardis
Tyrion Lannister also receives 3 Victory points as Bronn was representing him in the fight.
Lysa receives -3 Defeat points for the death of her champion

Prince Joffrey calls on Sansa. The two had not spoken since the Kingsroad incident. He gifts her a necklace baring the Lannister lion and begs her forgiveness. Of course Sansa is all too willing to accept the sweet words of her prince. She is devastated when later that night Ned explains to she and Arya that he is sending them back to Winterfell for safety. As Sansa tries to persuade Ned she makes a comment remarking on Joffrey being a Lannister and nothing like “that old drunk King.” Ned takes pause and later consults the book Jon Arryn had been reading before his death. Throughout the Baratheon lineage they have only ever produced dark haired children. All of Cersei’s children are Lannister blonde.
Sansa Stark earns 3 Alliance points for Joffrey’s renewed commitment.
Joffrey Baratheon earns 3 Alliance points for convincing Sansa he is her true prince.

The Dothraki celebrate Daenerys’ pregnancy in the sacred city of Vaes Dothrak where she consumes a stallion heart to prove her child’s ferocity, but Viserys irritation grows. Tired of being disrespected and watching his sister’s influence grow, he decided to steal Daenerys’ dragon eggs gifted to her by Illyrio on her wedding day. Jorah stops him, but this only angers Viserys more. He arrives at the feast visibly drunk and wearing a sword. In Vaes Dothrak all are forbidden to bare steel and it is a crime punishable by death. When Daenerys tries to calm him he points his sword at her unborn child demanding Drogo give him what was promised. Drogo concedes and promises Viserys will have a crown, he then has his bloodriders hold Viserys down as Drogo pours molten gold over his head killing him.
Khal Drogo receives 5 Valar Morghulis points for killing Viserys
Viserys Targaryen receives -5 points for his Death

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